The time bomb of Nigeria’s unemployment rate

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Here are images from Nigerian Immigration Service job tests going on at locations across the country. Reports from each location confirms hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in stadia to jostle for a handful of jobs. Government jobs.

Nigerian Immigration service job tests

Nigeria’s unemployment rate is a time bomb waiting to go off. Not that the employed are much better off either. Many employed people live on get-by wages. Some take-home pay do not even take them home. SMEs are the mainstay of sound economies. Here, our SMEs struggle. As such, even many of those employed and those who run small businesses are not fully employed. Much of our employment is actually under-employment. I think of it all and fear.

I must also mention that something is seriously wrong with a country where government is perhaps the largest employer of labour. It gets worse when you consider that one department in a government agency may have four drivers employed with only one vehicle available. The redundancy in government is appalling. We haven’t even got started on the corruption that government agencies operate by.

The summary is that the vast majority of young people of working age in this country remain unemployed and without sustainable income. Someday, should this dam break, we will have anarchy on our hands. Unless we find a way to turn things around.

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  1. It was even mentioned that some died during the obligatory physical exercise they were asked to do, due to stampeding and physical stress. Lord help us.

  2. When I saw these pictures the first thing that came to mind was “how much did they each pay for their application form”?

    We shouldn’t be surprised at the endemic corruption at every level of government if any of those applicants had to pay for any application form, or even to do the “exam”.

    How many of those attending even stand a snowball in hell’s chance of even securing one of those coveted jobs?

  3. Not to sound pessimistic but I fear deeply for this country. I hope when the shit hits the fan (and it will eventually at this rate) I and mine would be far away… Jupiter far

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