You guys have regularly complained that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) isn’t doing enough as a watchdog over the telecoms industry. Well, NCC is finally showing that…

The Watchdog bites, fines GSM operators N1.17b over poor service quality

You guys have regularly complained that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) isn’t doing enough as a watchdog over the telecoms industry. Well, NCC is finally showing that its bite is worse than its bark.


NCC had in the recent past warned mobile network operators about the need to improve QoS on their services or face fines. In line with this, all four GSM networks have been issued fines to the cumulative tune of N1.17b for poor quality of service on their networks. The brokendown figures are:

– MTN: N360m
– Etisalat:N360m
– Airtel: N270m
– Glo: N180m


The fines are to be paid up by May 21 or an extra N2.5m daily will accrue for each defaulting operator.


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  1. Wouldn’t it have been better if these operator where made to give airtime bonuses to the customers rather to the regulator since the customers ate those than suffer from poor service delivery

  2. glo is 180m bcos its proudly naija, home advantage,. For Glo.
    But what are ncc going 2 do with d money? Share 4 themself? More corruption on d way,…

  3. They should have given it to us the customers after all it is from us it was stolen. Or does the head of ncc want…

  4. Does fining this GSM srevice providers, improve QOS????….#just thinking#

  5. Not going to make a blind bit of difference to services provided.

    If simple things, like Nikky was saying some time ago about cancelling her weekly BIS, or networks taking customer phone credit and not refunding them continue to happen, these fines are just whistling in the wind and in no way provide any significant improvement to the services provided to customers.

    Let’s not even ask if the NCC are going to do something sensible with the money.

    Networks 1, Customers 0.

  6. What baffles me is that they were all fined, confirming the fact that they are all the same and yet they report huge profits.

  7. mr mobility follow this up.this is not a joke what would NCC do with such kind of monies.
    I agree with contributors here share it with the subscribers,period.Anything else breeds corruption

  8. @Dear All
    This happens to all regulators, if CBN fines Banks for poor service the money goes to CBN. If PENCOM fines PFAs for poor service the cash goes to PENCOM, the only instant where cash goes to customers is when the fine relates to interest on cash originally due to customers.

  9. @bosun99uk it’s normal practice in this country that parastatals (nor government departments) are never held accountable for their budgets or money they’ve received.

    Wonder whatever happened to the “millions” the EFCC have managed to glean from so-called corruption?

  10. Have you guys seen the response by all the Mobile Operators to NCC and Nigerians in general.?

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