This is Sparta!! Amazon too lays off smartphone engineers

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Everyone is laying off people from their smartphone businesses these days. It is almost becoming quite the fashionable thing. After the failed run with the Fire phone, Amazon is laying off many engineers who worked on the device. The brand is also cutting down on its devices business.

Amazon Fire Phone

So, we have Microsoft, Sony, HTC, Lenovo/Motorola, BlackBerry, and now Amazon. This is Sparta! The smartphone market is fast becoming a horrible bloodbath.



  1. lol, it was only a matter of time, Amazon’s foray into the smartphone space was ill advised

  2. This was about as ill advised a venture as Facebook Home. People get Kindles, even the Kindle tablets. But the phone? I’ve never met anyone who’s bought one. I honestly have no idea what the advantage of the phone is over the app or the e-readers or tablets.

    In addition, the Amazon phone in the UK was locked to one network, not sure how it worked elsewhere. Its pull was not like the iPhone where people would buy out their existing contracts to get one.

    The Amazon phone in my opinion has been dead for a while. It was just waiting to lie down.

  3. It would appear the smartphone world (excluding the Apple garden) is already oversaturated. It seems devices are being.manufactured faster than humans can snap them up, and this is probably the cause of the interminable layoffs..


    Increased use of robotics is bound to continually blow away jobs, especially in tech sectors that lend themselves to that. Smartphone manufacturing is one such..

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