Advertisement I have been a lover of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for some time now, yet in frustration I recently tweeted this: Dear @BBM, do contact


This is why BBM will fail eventually

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I have been a lover of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for some time now, yet in frustration I recently tweeted this:

This is not the first time that I am complaining about the issues with BBM’s apps across different platforms. The experience is quite different as you move from one platform to another. Here is how the experience degenerates:


BlackBerry 10 > Android OS > iOS > Windows Phone.

In other words, the BBM experience is best on BlackBerry 10 devices and degenerates to its very worst on Windows Phone. Meanwhile, its much bigger rival, WhatsApp easily delivers beautiful user experiences regardless of the platform one uses. BBM needs to go spy on WhatsApp, or even go beg them for the secret recipe.


Now, here is the deal: I am tired of BBM. I am tired of being told to use a BlackBerry device if I want the best BBm experience. I am tired of telling people to get a BB10 device if they want the best BBM experience. What the heck! This is 2015, and people should be able to use whatever device catches their fancy without being held to ransom by one app. ONE.

So, perhaps it is time I forget about BBM and just use WhatsApp for all my instant messaging needs. Whether I carry a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, an Android smartphone, a Windows smartphone, or an iPhone, WhatsApp just works.

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  2. One of the reasons I ditched my BB10 device…to have a feel of BBM on Android. And guess what? I didn’t need my Z10 anymore just cause of this. BBM does keep the Blackberry 10 brand going…forget the cross platform thing. Without BBM, your BB 10 device is a slab of metal.

  3. In defence of BBM I have to say that the experience on Windows Phone somewhat mirrors my recent experience with WhatsApp on it – no notifications and takes ages to load conversations. Funny enough I’ve not had that problem since switching devices.

    BB10 appeals to me because it’s more lean than Android (think bloatware) and I’m simply more productive on it. I honestly don’t think BBM is going anywhere in a hurry – there’s enough room out there for the various IM platforms with more coming on board. But I don’t think it’s aspiring to be WhatsApp by any stretch of the imagination.

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