Twitter Quiz Result: The first Maemo device from Nokia

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We threw out a quiz on Twitter yesterday. The question was:

What was the first Maemo-powered device from Nokia?

The answer to that question is the Nokia 770

Lots of tweeps who responded said it was the N900. However the N900 was the 4th Maemo device. The up-to-date list of Maemo devices is here:

  1. Nokia 770 (Maemo 1, updated to 2)
  2. Nokia N800 (Maemo 3)
  3. Nokia N810 (Maemo 4)
  4. Nokia N900 (Maemo 5/Fremantle)
  5. Nokia N950 (Maemo 6/Harmattan, branded as MeeGo)
  6. Nokia N9 (Maemo 6/Harmattan, branded as MeeGo)

Yes; the N950 and N9 are not really MeeGo. They run Maemo 6, but branded as MeeGo.

The 770 was an internet tablet released in November 2005 running a 252 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 1710 CPU. It had no GSM radio, and had Opera web bowser bundled with it.

The display was a 4.1-inch 65,536 color looker back then, and had a resolution of 800×480 pixels at 225 pixels per inch.

The first correct answer was from Spacyzuma:
770 spacyzuma

Spacyzuma, please DM us your mobile number, so we can send you some free airtime! Not much, but just to spice up the quiz 😉

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