Reports of 2GB data for N2,000 on Etisalat Nigeria

Posted by Mister Mobility

There are unconfirmed reports that Etisalat has a new generic data plan that offers 2GB data for just N2,000. Supposedly, this is Etisalat’s response to MTN’s BetterMe data plan and Glo’s 4.5GB plan.

It is pricier than the others, but then Etisalat internet is generally more reliable and speedier than the those others too, so I consider it fair game.

While we have not tried it out in-house here at Mobility, we have reports from users here and there saying it has been around a little while. If you have an active Etisalat line and want to try this out, the way to activate is to dial *229*2*8#.

Do share your feedback and/or thoughts about this in the comments section.


  1. We are really getting there, etisalat also got a postpaid plan of 5000 where you get 5gb, 5hrs of call to all Networks and 500 sms I think this is awesome.

  2. Working!Activated yesterday and running well(fast and stable connection).
    Hmm! Migrating with a smile from Smile.

  3. this is good news, will try it until when my current subscription elapses. still think we need cheaper data plans for smaller data bundles

  4. //It is pricier than the others, but then Etisalat internet is generally more reliable and speedier than the those others too, so I consider it fair game//

    Somehow, Etisalat data has never worked well where I oscillate.

    Not from day One. . NOT NOW.

    If they could make Provision for those whose data needs are small, too, then, it would be complete.

    How about people who need 1 megabyte or less, monthly? What’s wrong with being able to do things pro rata, as in N300 for 300MB, N500 for 500MB, etc, as the needs demand?

  5. I beg to differ. How does Etisalat data plan exhaust quickly.
    If you’re in an area where it works, that’s the network to use.’s second to none. Speed and stability belongs to them. We also don’t expect the rate of data consumption to be the same on a 2G,3G,3.75G and 4G network.
    This is not also Airtel where you subscribe for 1GB and in actual sense all you get is less than 550mb.
    I tried out this new Etisalat data bundle and its working

  6. If you’re in a zone w/ excellent Glo data coverage nothing beats that right now! N2,400 for 4.5Gb, w/ 250Mb extra & rollover options.

  7. Exhaust quickly
    Depends on your usage
    Only airtel steal from its consumer data wise

  8. If you’ve used either Etisalat or MTN you won’t want to near glo with a long fork.

  9. Its always a function of location. I use MTN when I’m home in Ibadan, Etisalat in Lagos and Glo always serves as a backup.

    I’m currently in Agbara, Ogun state.
    Etisalat hardly gets any signal-even EDGE in my apartment or at work. Glo gets 3G at work but not in my apartment, so MTN comes to the rescue.

  10. Biola129, this is the best comment I’ve read today. Mobile network speeds and general usage experience depends a lot on location. I use MTN as my daily driver in Ibadan but recently not for data because I was finding it difficult to exhaust 4.5GB in a month because of the slow and unreliable connection. I was in Enugu for a program recently and gave MTN a try, it was like I was on 4G. Fast and reliable.
    Whatever network is best in your ‘zone of oscillation’ is what you should use.
    By the way, this is one of the main reasons why mobile number portability isn’t exactly a hit in Nigeria.

  11. Jimtex,you are most correct. Location outrightly determines the fastness or accuracy of networks.The onus is on u to find out which is best in your area.Period.

  12. I have vowed never to use etisalat on any phone higher than Nokia torchlight. The rate at which they steal airtime even when you have an active data subscription will put career armed robbers to shame. This has happened to me repeatedly over 3 devices and I’m not ready to take that risk with them again. Mtn doesn’t give out freebies but at least they’re honest

  13. Actually moved to Spectranet two weeks ago but I know I still need a GSM data plan as backup for when I’ll go to where the Spectranet network doesn’t reach in Ibadan (which is quite a lot!). 20GB with 24/7 access at 7k is a bargain compared to others.

  14. Etisalat? Data sucks though good in my area.Am very much comfortable with my GLO be it on BB or Android.

  15. @Jimtex

    I doubt but if they do,it’ll probably be priced at 5k, which will kill off their 5GB plan (sold @ 4k). I won’t be interested though considering 7k gives me 20GB. A better priced plan IMO would be 5GB @ 3k, 10GB @ 5k & 20GB @ 7k but I don’t make policies for them! 🙂

  16. But how about the network speed? Are you thinking about that too? Don’t you think it’s annoying downloading 5mb file in 10mins? When it suppose to be less than 30secs???

  17. @okechukwu am not mistaken. jes finished using Etisalat 500mb in 4days cos I was vexed. d 3g go jes waka comot flap bus travel. gats wait hrs for am to flex finish return. so whenever it graces my fone with 3g, zap zap download. thank goodness I didn’t pay for the crap

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