The unending travails of BBM users in 2017

All around the world, BBM users continue to be faced with all sorts of issues.

Crackberry reports that BBM for Android and iOS is all sorts of messed up right now and users are having a hell of a time logging in and carrying out various actions. I say that BBM has been messed up for a long time – and I am a BBM fan. As a matter of fact, I really do prefer BBM to WhatsApp. Better control over who connects with me. But I dumped BBM ages ago.

BBM users

It must be over a year ago now since I have switched to WhatsApp as my sole instant messaging tool. Why did I leave? BBM seemed to be bloated and buggy. Sometimes the app wouldn’t load. At other times, the chat screen would go blank. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. There is only so much pain that one can take. So, I said goodbye.

The Travails of BBM Users in 2017

And here we are today, and BBM is still messing up. The CrackBerry article and reader comments reveal that the app is not logging users in, throwing up server errors, incorrect login details errors, and incorrect device time error, among others.

Do you still use BBM? What has your experience been like? Is it working fine for you right now? Share with us.

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