My travails uploading a video from my Windows phone

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I must be one of the last men standing that still rock a Windows phone smartphone. Microsoft Mobile isn’t making any more Lumias. Windows Phone OS and Windows 10 Mobile keep losing marketshare dramatically. And the app gap is getting wider now. Despite the dwindling fortunes of the operating system, I do love my Lumia 950. And I often suffer for it.

A few days ago, I needed to record a short video clip for uploading to Google Drive. Unarguably the most capable video cameraphone at my disposal, the lot fell on my Lumia 950 to handle the recording. Which it handled like a champ. But I needed to upload the video to Google Drive. And it was at that point that the latest season of my troubles began. Uploading the video from my Windows phone turned out to be a nightmare.

uploading a video from my Windows phone

Uploading the video from my Windows phone

First problem: there was no available Google Drive app for Windows 10 Mobile. Google has never made an official app for Windows phone. And searching the store, I found no 3rd party app for it either.

So, I launched the Lumia 950 browser and opened up the mobile version of Google Drive. I poked and looked everywhere but found no menu to initiate a file upload on it. Perhaps I was just getting old, so I handed it to a younger colleague to try. She couldn’t find a way to upload anything on the mobile web version of Google Drive.

So, I decided to transfer the video to my PC, from where I can upload it. But Windows 10 on my laptop had been acting up of recent with respect to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth menu icon was nowhere to be found on the laptop’s task bar. As such, I could not send the video from the Lumia 950 to PC.

Next, I remembered that Xender was now available for PC. I also remembered having used a Xender app for Windows phone in the past. But searching the Store, it was nowhere to be found. A quick Google search and I found a download link, downloaded and installed it and gave it a go. Cripes. It wouldn’t work. Xender for Windows Phone opened up but wouldn’t respond to anything. Apparently, the developers abandoned it and didn’t bother to update it for Windows 10 Mobile. Sigh.

Eventually, I settled for sending the video via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone. But even that too was suffering. The Bluetooth transfer of the 139 MB video took forever. Still, it was victory. Once I had it on the Android phone, I was able to upload it to Google Drive using the official app. And what a relief that was.

PS: Was there any other way I could have easily gotten the video from the Lumia 950 to Google Drive without this torturous, winding journey that I submitted myself to?

If you are a Windows phone user, you probably have your own tales of suffering to get one thing or the other done from your device. Feel free to share. It isn’t easy being a last man standing. But I intend to hold on to my Lumia to the very end. Yes; we are the real heroes.


  1. Windows Mobile, Windows 10 phone or whatever the name is, is dead and gone, can you believe am still using Android jellybean and have access to virtually all important apps? It really pays to follow the winning team…

  2. Just wondering, couldn’t you have used a USB cable to transfer the video file from the Lumia 950 to your Windows PC?

  3. Good question, Austine!

    As a matter of fact, that was my default choice, but I left my cable at home. It is a USB-C cable and there wasn’t anything other available at the office for me to use that day. Hence, my travails ….

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