How to use a phone when the screen is not working

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A time comes when the phone screen gets faulty, so you need to know how to use a phone when the screen is not working, and the most common way is the use of external devices. If you’re lucky enough that a part of the screen is working after it got broken, then you can still utilize the phone and backup your files easily.

In this article, I will show you what to do with a broken screen, an unresponsive screen, and when your phone touch isn’t working.

How to recover files on a phone with a broken screen

There is an app you can use in recovering all the files that are on your phone and this app is called Dr.Fone – Data Recovery Tool. For people who have broken screens, unresponsive touch, or their screen is wasted to the point that nothing is visible; Dr.Fone will help you get your files with ease. It’s one of the few working apps that allow you to transfer files from Android phones with a broken screen.

Steps to follow

1. Download and Install it on your PC

Visit their official website and download and install the software. They have different software for both Android and iPhone.

2. Launch it

After installation, launch it.

Among a list of tools in the software, you’ll see “Data Recovery”. This tool is usually the first option. Click on it.

Then click on “Recover Android Data” and if you’re using an iPhone you will click on “Recover iOS Data”

3. Select “Recover From Broken Phone” and pick files

You will see a “Recover From Broken Phone” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on it. Then you can start selecting the file types you want to recover. You can tap on “select all” if all the files are important to you.

4. Proceed

Before you can proceed you will be asked about the problem with your screen. You’ll pick the option for a broken screen before you can proceed.

Now, you will have to pick the name and model of your mobile device. If you don’t know it Dr.Fone offers a guide on how to find it. Make sure the name and model of your phone are correct.

5. Enter Download Mode

Follow the instructions on the screen acting as a guide on how to enter “Download Mode” based on the type of device you are using.

Once you are in the Download Mode, it will start to scan and analyze all your files.

After scanning and analyzing, all the files you have on your phone will be shown on the screen. Pick the ones you want to recover then click on “Recover” to get you all your files.

Wait for a few minutes as it keeps recovering your files. Once it’s done, your information and data will be available and ready to be transferred to your new phone.

How to use a phone with an unresponsive screen

1. Go to Safe Mode

Booting to safe mode allows you to use the original software that came with the phone, so all the apps and services you installed will be inaccessible. If your phone’s screen works well in safe mode then the issue is with one of the apps you’ve installed on your phone.

Different phones have their methods of entering the safe mode but two common ones are —

• press and hold the power button until the *Enter Safe Mode* prompt appears.

• switch off your phone, then switch it on but don’t remove your hand from the power button until you enter the safe mode.

To leave safe mode, just turn off your phone then turn it back on.

2. Remove the Screen Protector

You will be surprised how countless times this is usually the cause of an unresponsive screen. Some screen protectors are too thick so touching the screen lightly will not make the screen as responsive as you desire.

You can remove the screen protector then test if the screen is responsive now. However, the downside to this is that the screen protector can’t be added back. You will have to get a new one.

3. Control Your Phone with your Voice

A lot of phones in the market support voice control. This accessibility feature has gotten even better over the years so you can rest assured on navigating around effortlessly.

Moreover, there are apps that allow you to control your phone with your voice. Nevertheless, both Android and iPhones come packed with voice control functionality already. The voice control feature will allow you to navigate on an unresponsive screen with ease.

4. Connect a mouse and keyboard

If you have a keyboard and mouse then you can connect it to your phone, that is if you can still see the screen. For this to work seamlessly, you need to get an original cable and a dongle to use in pairing your phone to the mouse and keyboard. The only downside is that you can only connect one at a time.

5. Take it to a Service Center or Repairman

If all these don’t work then you will have to take it to a professional repairman or a service center to have it checked for you. It could be a software bug and this can be resolved. If they are unable to resolve the issue then you might have to replace your phone.

How to use a phone when touch is not working

If you can still see the contents on your phone but the touch isn’t working then you can make use of a Mouse and an OTG Cable. With these two devices, you will be able to navigate around your phone like you would on a computer.

Steps to follow

• You will have to get an OTG cable and a mouse

• Connect one end of the OTG to your phone while the other end is where the mouse will be connected.

• The mouse is ready for use. A cursor will show on your phone’s screen. Use the cursor to navigate around as you would on a computer.

While this method is straightforward, it will actually cost you some money if you don’t have the devices with you already, however, it won’t cost you a lot. It is safe to say it’s very cheap.

Another downside is that not all Android devices will work well with the OTG USB, so it’s not a lasting solution. After backing up your whole file try to repair the screen or get a new phone.


Knowing how to use a phone when the screen is not working is a piece of great information to have with you, even before a situation arises in which the information is needed. No one knows the day their screen will get broken or unresponsive, and by then it might be impossible to search for a solution due to the unavailability of a working phone.

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