How to use USSD Codes to Manage Actions on your Android Smartphone

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The most widely used mobile operating system in use today is Android. With so many features and possibilities, this is hardly surprising.  Additionally, if you’ve had an Android device for a long, you may already be familiar with USSD codes which can make a range of actions possibly simply by dialing the code.

USSD codes are simply codes that are used to access hidden actions in your smartphone, also referred to as “secret codes” in popular culture. Through the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) user interface standard, you can access private features on your smartphone.

How to use USSD Codes to Manage Actions on your Android Smartphone

If you’re not already familiar with Android USSD codes and what they can help you achieve, this guide is for you. Keep reading how you can carry out some actions on your Android smartphone simply by dialing a specific USSD code.

How Do USSD Codes Work?

Any Android security code must be entered straight into the dialer in order to run. If input correctly, the code should automatically respond, but you may also need to press Dial. We bet your next question is what are these security USSD codes and what exactly do these “secret codes” accomplish? We’ve discussed these details below.

Wipe your Smartphone and Reinstall Its Firmware – *2767*3855#

You’ll benefit from this code, as it is one of the simplest Android security codes you can use to completely wipe your device’s data. You could consider it a factory reset; when you enter this code into your phone’s dialer and press the button, all of the data on your phone will be deleted, completely wiping it clean.

The firmware is also reinstalled by this code, thus it will be software-wise equivalent to brand-new. Keep in mind, however, that you should only use this code in an absolute crisis because it is a hard reset and will erase everything on your device.

Perform a Factory Reset – *#*#7780#*#*

This is a better alternative to a hard reset if you don’t want to perform one. This code will basically do a factory reset on your smartphone, wiping away any installed apps and their data. At that point, your smartphone will be reset to its factory default settings.

This is the ideal option if you simply want to delete all of your personal information, apps, and app data from your smartphone without going through the extra step of factory reset and firmware installation. If you’re selling your phone, this is fantastic for your privacy.

As before, also use this code with absolute caution, only if you’re sure about the action you’d like to carry out.

Enable General Test Mode – *#0*#

If you think your Android smartphone is malfunctioning, you’ll find this code beneficial. Naturally, you’ll be concerned about outside interference. Your Android device will display a long list of capabilities when you enter this USSD code, including:

● Front cam

● Touch testing.


● Device version

● Sub key

● Barcode emulator test

● Grip sensor testing

● RGB testing.

You can test certain features in this mode if you think your device has been tampered with at the root level. The device version as well as the front camera can be individually tested for each module. This way, you’ll be able to figure out whatever is wrong and causing your device to malfunction.

Check Your Smartphone’s IMEI – *#06#

This is yet another crucial code that you can use to verify that the IMEI of the device matches the one listed on the box. The IMEI is normally displayed on the back of new smartphones, but you can use this code to double-check it if you’re unsure.

All you’ll need to do is simply open the dialer, enter the code, and the IMEI will be shown. On a Samsung Android device, doing this will also display the device’s serial number. This is crucial for security reasons, especially if you’re purchasing a fairly used smartphone.

Alter Power Button Behavior – *#*#7594#*#*

You can change how the power button behaves using this code.By entering this code, you can turn off your phone without the Power Menu ever appearing, saving you the trouble of simultaneously pressing the power button and choosing an option from the Power Menu.

When you need to swiftly turn off your device under risky circumstances, this code can also be useful. Since it will request a passcode the next time it starts up, your data will be safeguarded in the event that the device is stolen.

Access System and Storage Information – *#3282*727336*#

You can access information about your Android system and storage by using this crucial code. You’ll also be able to view data consumption statistics using this code. Even though it’s challenging, it is still possible to fabricate this data. Running this USSD code will provide correct information about the smartphone’s internal Android operating system and storage capacity.

Typically, when you use this code, any data usage on the device will also be displayed on your screen.

Deactivate Caller ID – *31#

You can disable caller ID by entering this code if you want to maintain your privacy and stop people from knowing when you call them.

You can also add the code again to enable caller ID once more. Every time you add it in, a notification letting you know whether this function has been enabled or disabled will appear on your screen, so adjust it as you please.

In summary, using USSD codes to manage crucial actions on your Android smartphone can come in really handy, especially in emergency cases. At the same time, we’ll advise that you use these codes with caution, as some of the results might be irreversible.

As always, if you know anyone that might benefit from this helpful information, don’t hesitate to share it with them.

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