Top Benefits of Using a NAS Device for Your Small Business

The smooth operation of any business or institution largely depends on setting up a proper data storage solution. Businesses need a reliable solution for storing and sharing data. To achieve this goal, most small businesses are using NAS devices that provide a scalable, effective, and affordable data storage solution.

NAS provides an ideal combination of both local and cloud-based data storage solutions. A network-attached storage (NAS) device contains multiple hard disk drives and connects directly to the network. This device can connect through a wired or wireless network connection. It provides an easy way to centralize your data and keep your team connected. Typically, a NAS device consists of its own processor (CPU), memory (RAM), and storage operating system.

Western Digital My Cloud NAS Device

NAS is different than Cloud-based storage services like Dropbox that allow you to lease space on another person’s network-connected drives. With an internet connection, Cloud service enables users to access data from any place.  But with a NAS, you get the same functionality without entrusting your data to a hosting service.  

It means that your employees at different locations can access the data. The latest documents can be uploaded on the company’s NAS and all the authorized members can access the recent documents. In addition to this, there are many more benefits of using a NAS at your office. So, keep reading to find out the advantages of using network-attached storage.

Ample Storage Space

Businesses need the huge storage capacity that NAS can provide. This device can increase the available storage space to ensure smooth business operations. Desktop computers and laptops have limited storage space but adding a NAS provides a cost-effective way to boost storage space. You can find NAS devices with multiple hard drive bays to achieve higher disk capacity and better redundancy.

Efficient Collaboration

NAS provides a way to centralize your file storage. It allows users to access files either from the desktop workstation or remotely. Employees don’t need to keep emailing files to access them remotely. With the help of a NAS device, documents can be accessed from one central location by all employees to ensure better collaboration. The best NAS devices such as Buffalo NAS and WD My Cloud allow users to access data remotely. This makes collaboration easier, but if somehow the NAS gets damaged, the business can encounter data loss. To restore NAS data, businesses need a specialist like WD My Cloud data recovery service.

Easy to Install and Use

NAS devices are produced by many reputed brands that make sure to keep the configuration simple and easy to use. Even if you need a NAS for home, it’s easy to follow setup instructions and start using NAS without spending several hours understanding complex instructions. It is compact and has a simple web-based interface to ensure easy setting.

Data Protection

NAS devices that come with built-in RAID options allow users to duplicate data across multiple drives. It means that if one drive stops functioning, the user will not face data loss because a copy already exists. This type of NAS provides data redundancy and minimizes downtime in the event of sudden failure.

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