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What Is 5G Voice over New radio (VoNR), or Voice Over 5G (Vo5G)?

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What is 5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR)? Also called Voice over 5G or Vo5G, it is a wireless standard by which voice calls can be handled over the 5G network. This technology is implemented in standalone 5G networks, and weans 5G away from its dependence on 4G LTE for phone calls.

Before the arrival of Voice over New Radio, 5G smartphones have to rely on 4G LTE to make phone calls, as 5G networks originally lacked a voice component. With VoNR or Vo5G, 5G subscribers will not need to switch to 4G for phone calls and then back to 5G when each call ends. 5G smartphones can stay locked on 5G wireless networks all the time.

What Is Voice over New radio (VoNR), or Voice Over 5G (Vo5G)?

Frequently Asked Questions About Voice over New radio (VoNR)

What is VoNR in 5G?

It is the same as Voice over New Radio – the ability to make voice calls over a standalone 5G network.

What is VoLTE and VoNR?

VoLTE is to 4G LTE networks what VoNR is to 5G networks. VoLTE enables voice calls on 4G networks, while VoNR enables voice calls over 5G wireless networks.

What is the full form of VoNR?

The full form of VoNR is Voice over New Radio.

How does 5G voice call work?

It uses a core packet to deliver voice calls over the 5G network

Is 5G used for voice or data?

Originally, 5G did not support voice calls, and 5G phones have to switch to 4G LTE for voice (and video). With Voice over New Radio, voice calls can now be made over a standalone 5G network.

Which networks or carriers have VoNR?

In July 2021, M1 in Singapore became the first telco in the world to provide VoNR service on their 5G SA network. M1 beat A1 Belarus, which had tested Vo5G as early as May 2020, to the launch.

In December 2021, AIS became the first mobile operator in Thailand to launch VoNR. In March 2022, TIM became the first wireless network in Brasil to operate the core 5G technology, and the first in Latin America.

T-Mobile is the first US carrier to launch VoNR and let subscribers make calls on 5G alone. The service was launched on T-Mobile on the 3rd of June, 2022.

What is video over 5G new radio (ViNR)?

Similar to Voice over New Radio, Video over New Radio uses the 5G core packet to deliver video calls, without the need to fall back on 4G LTE.

What phones support Voice over New Radio (VoNR)?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 were some of the first smartphones to be capable of making 5G standalone voice calls or Voice over 5G (Vo5G). Remember, these terms are used interchangeably with Voice over NR (VoNR).

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