Voice recognition needs to catch up with iris and fingerprint

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Voice recognition technology allows mobile users to interact with their smartphones. It can be very useful in situations where one is unable to use hands. However, it needs to catch up with iris and fingerprint recognition technologies.

Think of fingerprint and iris recognition technologies. They provide a means of unique identification. Only specified fingerprints or eyes will unlock your phone. Voice recognition needs to step up to that level of authentication. At the moment, almost anyone can control your smartphone with their voice.

One common complaint among users of voice recognition systems like Google Now, Siri, Cortana and the like is the inability to train those virtual assistants to recognize only their voice. In other words, voice recognition still has a weakness in the area of security.

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Voice Recognition Exclusivity Is Security

I want my smartphone to respond to only my voice. Only mine. Not everyone who is able to speak the right pass phrase. When voice recognition is able to achieve that level of authentication, we will have taken smartphone usability to another level.

Of course, I can imagine that this is being worked on already. Till it is sorted out, we do not have a truly secure hands-free mobile experience yet. If you have your smartphone locked with a PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint or your iris, you will need to use your hands first to unlock it before you can engage it with your voice.

The next question is, Who will be the first to conquer this frontier? Who will make voice recognition truly secure?


  1. It is the nature of the medium.

    No one can duplicate your iris or your fingerprint but your voice can easily be re_manufactured. Even if the device can be made to recognize your voice ALONE, that would still be insufficient.

    I only need a sample of your voice waves, and I can make it appear YOU said something you never did.

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