Have you heard of the Nexus 4? The 4.7-inch display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8 megapixel camera-toting, Quad-core LG-made smartphone that costs about half what

What is Google's Game Plan with the Nexus 4?

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Google Nexus 4

Have you heard of the Nexus 4? The 4.7-inch display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8 megapixel camera-toting, Quad-core LG-made smartphone that costs about half what its peers – HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III – cost. And that, dear mobilists and mobilettes, is the crux of this article.

Why would people buy the S III or the One X, when an equal that costs about half exists in the market? I say equal, but in some ways, the Nexus 4 is a better device.

One, it runs Android 4.1.2 out of the box, while current S III and One X users have to wait for an update. Two, because it runs vanilla Android, the Nexus 4 will get any future updates immediately, without any hitches. This is something that its competitors cannot boast of.

So, I am asking, What is Google’s game plan in pushing out a flagship device at a mid-tier price point? In local parlance here, To spoil market for the other bros? Somebody, please help me out.

In the meantime, if you have been eyeing either the One X or Galaxy S III, I recommend that you hold on. The Nexus 4 will hit the streets soon and then you can eat your cake and have it.


  1. Well Nexus devices historically don’t sell in significant quantities and at these prices Google isn’t making any kind of profit. Google is just making it easy for Developers, hobbyists, and Android freaks to enjoy their latest and greatest (and maybe create some unique apps while they’re at it.)

  2. The new update thing is blown out of proportion, the devices running on gingerbread run just fine… Am happy on ics on my GS2, dont care for jellybean although i want offline voice dictation but don’t really need it.

  3. yes, google must have a long term game plan. at least I imagine they would.

    this is sweet music. the Nexus 7 is also Spoiling Market with that low price.

    the era of obscene direct. profits on device sales is surely coming to an end (for those not in an AppleTrance, that is!)

  4. will the nexux 4 be available in nigeria? And i hope the price remains thesame by the time it reaches Nigeria. Our local retailers may start selling at double the price u know

  5. Well, the Nexus 4, like other Nexuses before it, will only be a niche smartphone, bought by geeks who drool over pure Android stuff. Truth is, the mainstream smartphone consumers will still continue to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X over any Nexus. Just check out Galaxy Nexus: did it outsell Galaxy S2? No. And by the way, while the new Nexus 4 is better than GS 3 and HTC One X in some ways, GS 3 and HTC One X are also better than Nexus 4 in some others. For instance, no LTE, no microSD, only 16gb storage on Nexus 4.

  6. A friend and I were having a debate about this phone recently. The price point is a deciding factor, significantly cheaper than its counterparts at Samsung, Google, Sony etc and just as well spec’d.

    I can live without the MicroSD. Unlike the SGS3, HTC etc I don’t have to wait for updates. Add to that it has an 8 megapixel camera. Now to see what the reviews say.

  7. I néed galaxy S2 upgrade to ICS,
    been waiting for an official update with no success.
    Pls who can help me out?

  8. I was shocked at the prices too. It will be interesting to see the how much the Nexus phones will sell when they are available in two weeks, and how prices of the competition will react. For than price, I can barely (baaaaaaarely) manage the 16GB without microsd.

    I’m also seriously eyeing the Nexus10. If I see that it’s worth it, I should get it and sell my Galaxy Note 10.

  9. @ Lordbanks – therein lies the dilemma. Samsung I like, but not too crazy about LG either, Google Nexus badge or not.

    Do you buy because it’s a cheaper Nexus phone or pay the extra for a Samsung/HTC/Sony?

  10. Don’t give a rat’s bum about the LG tag, ‘ve used a buddy’s Optimus 3D and the phone ‘set dieee’. I can definitely leave without expandable memory (its 16gb already……any less I would have sent a sob mail to google)’sides I can’t connect it via usb cables on my PC and transfer data….and yes, the price would undoubtedly spike considerably when it hits Nigeria.

    Finally umu mobility (people of mobility), my birthday is on December 1st, someone should give me this device as a gift. Of course I’m begging (awoof no dey run dis bele (??? )). *chuckles*

  11. zch just pray and believe it and you shall have it.

    The unfortunate thing is that people who used older LG phones before the Android era or the older Android devices are still suspicious of LG Android phones. I guess it is natural, but I think with Android, LG have come of age. I also do have the same feelings towards Sony Ericsson phones where battery life is concerned. Of course I know Sony Ericsson had good phones, but my experience with K750i battery life is not good at all. Otherwise, the phone is so good.

  12. this nexus 4 is bound to sell far more than its predecessors. if advising anyone who is interested in buying an android phone…this will definitely be my choice for the person. higly specd and at the least price ever.

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