Here’s a simple poll for our readers to participate in. The question: If you got the chance to replace your current primary smartphone i.e. the

Poll: What mobile platform would your next primary smartphone be from?

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Here’s a simple poll for our readers to participate in. The question:

If you got the chance to replace your current primary smartphone i.e. the one you use on a day-to-day basis, What mobile platform would you pick your new smartphone from?

This poll will run till 9pm Friday 25th of November when the poll will be taken down and the results published.

Poll results: Results have been published here.


  1. since i fall into d budget user, I feel i would be best served getting a budget Symbian Nokia that an Android of the same price. I’ll likely get more usage time out of the Nokia

  2. With RIM churning out sub 1500mAH battery Blackberry touch screen and full qwerty key pad phones I will not touch another BB not even with a long spoon. Android is a fun phone to be with. To me it does not make any difference whether it guzzle’s data or not. I am already enjoying the Android experience. I may as well give I phone a try but not now maybe in future when it becomes available at sub 100k.

  3. further more if Nokia repents and go back to declare that symbian is not dead and rejigs that wonderfull os perhaps a successor to the N8 will not be a bad idea.

  4. I spent average of N2000 on on data on my phones alone, now with etisalat unlimited browsing on blackberry complete I think ill go back to blackberry besides ill always love my mail to show on the screen as to reply immediately, love twitter and facebook the way blackberry does it and for the call tariffs on etisalat…now that nepa is doing better in my area and 24hour gen in my office….I have to go back to blackberry my thought before you publish this.

  5. i am presently using an android phone and was really interested in trying out either ios or any of the new WP7 devices by Nokia. However, their releases have not been encouraging enough to make me jump ship. Android on the end is even offering more (ICS with data monitor) while the competing devices are removing functonalities. No bluetooth transfer on Nokia WP7 while ios has refused to offer larger screen

  6. I am a fan of Blackberry forever it serves all my need for PDA web browsing, E reader, Podcast download, Online Radio without a cut throat data payment, BBM to friend reduced the cost of SMS messeages even with friends on all the continent of the earth. And many more use

  7. I will stick with android, the data guzzling of a thing doesn’t matter anything to me since I know how to handle that well. Thank God for soon to be available ICS update for my current android phone with data monitor.

  8. I’ll still stick with Android. Symbian could have been an alternative but I will find it difficult going the way of a platform already declared dead.

    With the unlimited bandwidth being offered by Etisalat on BB, it has made it a serious temptation, but apart from tethering it to my laptop, I can see it being of much use to me. I simply am not a fan of BBM.

  9. i’ll stick to my android as i can manage the data consumption effectively.ICS will be up and running shortly which will add more flavour to my current platform.i’ll only consider “Blackberry London” which will be bb”s next flagship to be released in Q3 2012 but by then we’ll have seen phones running on better specs from android

  10. Hmmm. I love android but will need money to enjoy it cause i love to download movies. Now that etisalat has launche unlimited blackberry downloads via its new package, i just have to choose blackberry. Followed closely by android.

  11. Android is my 1st choice, followed by Meego, and then Symbian.

    I don’t mind Android’s data guzzling. With proper knowledge, it can be contained. What I love is the customization and freedom.

    Meego is my 2nd choice because it’s just so unique and revolutionary, IMO.

    Symbian, only if Nokia makes a worthy N8 successor.

    Blackberry – I hope my current Bold9700 is the last BB I ever buy

    iPhone – Comot!

    WP7 – Take numba!

    Bada – Nope. Used it before, and it’s not mature enough for me yet.

  12. Its either android or blackberry. Infact Most likely blackberry! Our networks support them so guess its the most reasonable choice for now. 1.5k for unlimited data and special call rates? Fantastic!

  13. tis jes so sad dat our fulish netwrks wont improve on d dataplans for smartphones well,putin all dia energy on bb. witout internet bb is utali useles. Android it is.. one day dataplan wil make u d best cos u got +

  14. Unfortunately, the ‘poll bot’ keeps rejecting my vote *thinkin…..but i’m legal to vote naaa*. Anyway my choice wud be:
    windows phone
    Mr. Yomi, pls i wanna vote, my opinion must count *righteous geeky anger*

  15. my first choice would android because of its openness. would have considered a belle too like the nokia 701 if not for the EDOF camera(still dont get nokia on this).

    if nokia can switch back to autofocus camera, it may just be the tipping point for me to choose symbian belle over android. as it is now, symbian has more functionality and its more robust compared to android. but to move with the times, android is it.

  16. I believe Yomi should have added ” I can’t be bothered” in the options for those who simply can’t be bothered .. (speaking on behalf of my mom) lol…

    Any modification to the N8 will win mi cash. I kinda find the lives tiles thing on WP boring, I already have WP simulators on my N8 and I just can’t fall in love with the tiles but the software is fluid. I believe the N8 successor would run on WP software, the tiles might be a repellent to me unless I have the option of taking it off .

    N8 SUCCESSOR N8 SUCCESSOR .. No subtractions, additions only.. I can’t vote cos I’m not sure which software my N8 successor would flaunt. If I don’t find anything better than the N8 then I’ll buy 5 more N8’s to last me my life time like Yomi jokingly said in one of his posts . Lol

  17. I find it most fascinating that alot of people (Nigerians in Nigeria obviously) are still sticking to the symbian Platform. I would have to argue that their choice of symbian is really only another way of saying they are sticking with Nokia devices. I can only hope that when its all said and done, that brand loyalty will make them adopt windows phones.

  18. all dis android haters. which is more secure please? I see android as a flashy japanesse car with fibre insecure body and symbian as a good old strong body peugeot 504. take ur pick. beauty, estatics or strong and ugly. android experience is mind blowing try it.

  19. I love the development in Android esp the speed but if it means gettin a gmail account then an not interested, but I ain’t gon lie, the HD display with the resolution of ICS is so tempting but I do hotmail so its only right I do windows phone

  20. @douglas..
    the gmail account must not have to be active.. that primarily gives you access to the android market.. there’s a dedicated application for hotmail which offers same user friendly experience

  21. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a dime in order to get a gmail account. So I don’t see how that could be a hindrance.

  22. What is the final result of the pole? I bet it was as follows.
    1st Android
    2nd Symbian
    3rd IOS
    4th blackberry

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