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How To Exceed WhatsApp Group Limit (2023) And Add More Members/Users

The official WhatsApp Group limit has since been raised from 100 to 256, and then to 512, and most recently to 1024, allowing administrators to add more users than before. But I have been asked if there is any way to add more than 256 users to a Group. People who use WhatsApp Groups for business services, in particular, would like to know. Update: WhatsApp has since increased the official limit of 256 users to 512, and later 1024 users.  See the updated FAQ at the bottom of this article for more details.


I first stumbled on the news via a post over at XDA Developers claiming that the WhatsApp Group Chat user limit has been bumped up from 100 to 256. The post said that the increased limit was visible on WhatsApp version v2.12.367. I had WhatsApp version 2.12.367 on my device, but when I tried to add more than 100 users to a group chat, I got a message saying that I had reached the group capacity.

How To Add More Than 256 Members In A WhatsApp Group

I did try it again at a later date and the new WhatsApp Group limit of 256 worked. I was able to add 256 users to a group instead of a maximum of 100.

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Is there any way to add more than 256 users in a WhatsApp group?

There is no official way to do add more than 256 users in a WhatsApp group. If your business service, organization, or project requires more than 256 users, you can create multiple groups and assign different admins to each. But unofficially, it is possible.

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There are hardcore users who have been able to increase the WhatsApp group limit on their devices by tinkering. If you want to go down that route, you need to root your Android smartphone and then use a File Manager to edit a file.

Note that this technique is a violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service and can get you booted off their platform. You do it at your own risk.


  1. Enable root access
  2. Download and launch ES File Explore.
  3. Browse to this file: data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/WhatsApp_Preferences.xml
  4. Edit the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml file as follows: find the line in the file that says “int name=”participants_size_limit”value=”100″ and replace 256 with the new user limit you want to assign to your Group. Make sure that you do not touch anything else in the file, or add a dot or comma. After changing that figure, save the file and close it.
  5. Now restart your phone.

You will find that you now have a new WhatsApp group limit and can add more than the official 256 users. May the force be with you. If you run business services, you will be able to add much more members to your group.

Update: You can now bypass the WhatsApp Group Limit officially

You can now add more than 256 users by admitting new members through your Group’s invite link. This is a simple and less technical way to add more than 256 people in your WhatsApp Group. Why go through all the trouble of rooting your phone and editing a file?

Follow the steps below to find the Group invite link, so you can add more than the official WhatsApp Group limit of 256.

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whatsapp group limit invite link

Create your Group. Go to Group Info, scroll down till you see “Invite via link”, tap on that, then pick one of the options to use your Group link. Share the link to those you want to add and they will be able to join even if you already have the official WhatsApp Group limit.

You can also disable the link by selecting “revoke link” whenever you do not need new members added any more. That’s it. Whether you use the WhatsApp Group feature for personal purposes or business services, now you can increase your reach.


Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Group Limits

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to exceed WhatsApp Group limits.

Can I add 500 members in WhatsApp group?

The official Group limit has since been increased from 256 users, first to 512 users, and in November 2022, up to 1024 users. So, yes; you can now add up to 500 members in a WhatsApp Group.

How can I add 1000 members in WhatsApp group?

Open the WhatsApp group chat that you want to add more users to, tap the group subject, or tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab. Then, tap More options > Group info. Tap Add participants. Go ahead and add the extra users you desire to.

How can I exceed WhatsApp group limit?

The way to exceed WhatsApp group limit is to use the group’s share link. Retrieve the share link from the Group settings and give it out to interested participants. They can then join by clicking on it.

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What is the current WhatsApp Group Limit?

In November 2022, the official WhatsApp Group Limit was increased to 1024 users. You can now officially add up to 1024 users to any Group.

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