Where Are Samsung Phones Made? The Comprehensive Guide

Samsung’s journey in the mobile phone industry began with the release of the SH-100 in 1988, which was also the first Korean-manufactured handset. The SH-100 was released exclusively in Korea.

As for the processes of designing, testing, and manufacturing of Samsung phones, they have design studios and factories across the globe. However, the primary design studio is located in Seoul, Korea, and the central manufacturing hub is in Vietnam.

Samsung Galaxy A05: Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

Samsung Design Studios for Research and Development

Samsung Design Studios are the creative hubs of Samsung Electronics where the design and development of Samsung products take place. They are located in various parts of the world, including Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Delhi, London, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo. Here are some of the activities that go on in these studios:

  1. Design Research: The studios implement design research over a wide range of areas with the spirit of open innovation. This involves studying market trends, user behavior, and cultural nuances to inform the design process.
  2. Product Design: The studios are involved in the design of various Samsung products, including smartphones, home appliances, computers, wearable smart devices, and more.
  3. User Experience Design: The studios work on enhancing the user experience of Samsung products. This involves creating intuitive interfaces, seamless interactions, and aesthetically pleasing designs.
  4. Innovation Projects: The studios undertake innovation projects to explore new design possibilities and create future product concepts.
  5. Design Challenges and Exhibitions: The studios organize design challenges and exhibitions to showcase innovative design solutions. For example, the 2023 Samsung Design Membership Emergence Project (MEP) Course Exhibition was held under the theme ‘Super Social’.
  6. Awards and Recognitions: The studios have received numerous awards for their design excellence, including the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2023.

Here are some of the key design studios and their contributions:

  • China: Samsung Design China started in Shanghai in 2004 and opened a UX lab in Beijing in 2013. They have been designing smartphones, home appliance products, computers, wearable smart devices, and more.
  • India: Founded in 2008, Samsung Design Delhi focuses on locally inspired applications. The Delhi team designs the Galaxy M and F series and the now-retired Galaxy J2 and J7 Max.
  • South Korea: The Seoul Design office is the starting line for Samsung and the drawing board for all electronic blueprints. Designers from Seoul have a hand in the conception of nearly every phone from Samsung.
  • UK: Located in London, the European Design studio opened in 2000 and expanded to Milan in 2005. The European team also plays a crucial role in researching trends and future forecasts.

Manufacturing Facilities: Where Samsung phones are made

As of 2023, Samsung has phone manufacturing facilities in the following countries:

  1. South Korea: Samsung operates manufacturing facilities in its home country, but smartphone production is less than 10% of Samsung’s global shipments.
  2. Vietnam: Most Samsung phones are made in Vietnam. Samsung’s manufacturing facility is located in Vietnam’s Thai Nguyen province where two factories produce smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. The existing factories produce 120 million units per year. Most of Samsung’s global supply, including for markets like North America and Europe, comes from Vietnam. Your Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are most likely manufactured in Vietnam.
  3. India: India not only has Samsung’s biggest mobile factory, but it’s also the largest mobile phone manufacturing unit in the world based on production capacity. Samsung had announced in 2017 that it would invest $620 million to double smartphone production in India. It inaugurated the factory in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India in 2018. The production capacity of this factory is now at 120 million units per year.

Major Markets for Samsung phones

Samsung has a significant presence in the global smartphone market. As of 2022, Samsung was the best-selling smartphone brand with a market share of 24%. Here are some of the major markets for Samsung smartphones:

  1. South Korea: Samsung’s home country is one of its biggest markets. In 2022, Samsung’s market share of smartphones in South Korea was over 63%.
  2. India: Samsung has made a huge impact in India.
  3. Latin America: Attractive promotions in core markets, including Latin America, have helped the company expand its presence.

Here in the United States, the market share of Samsung phones stood at 23% in 2023, but has dropped to about 22.63% now in 2024. Now you know where Samsung phones are made. Don’t forget to pay me a visit on my YouTube channel, @mistermobility.

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