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Xiaomi Unveils MIUI 12 With New User Interface And Dark Mode 2.0

The MIUI 12 has been officially unveiled alongside the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth. This new user interface from Xiaomi is based on the Android 10 but comes with a visual revamp and a simpler flat look along with an improved dark mode, more sophisticated privacy controls and a new health app.

Xiaomi has introduced a number of closing animations and new app launches that are faster than previous editions. The Dark Mode 2.0 is a vital addition that offers font adjustment and wallpaper dimming, making it easier to read text and also reduce eye strain while doing so.

Xiaomi Launch new MIUI

A new live wallpaper that is capable of zooming in from a space view to an aerial shot each time the device is unlocked has also been introduced. There are also new floating windows and an always-on display functionality which lets users keep small app previews open on top of the full screen.

The new MIUI also brings a quick reply feature and improved notification management. An improved privacy management can help users monitor app behaviour and show apps that may abuse permissions.

The MIUI 12 also gets new accessibility features with AI calling., letting users transcribe calls and suggest responses during conversations. This feature will be particularly useful for users with hearing defects.

MIUI 12 closed beta testing is now available for Chinese users, with the stable version expected to rollout in June of 2020.



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