Xiaomi may start using their own processors by 2016

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The number of phone makers resorting to making their own processors are increasing as days go by. The reasons for this are not far fetched. Firstly it greatly reduces cost price of smartphones and it affords the manufacturer more control over the hardware (tweakings, optimizations) and the rest.

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Xiaomi is eager to start making their own processors. Rumours suggest that it will be done in conjunction with Leadcore after they successfully provided Xiaomi the LC1860C quad-core chip used on the Redmi 2A earlier this year.

It is also rumored the custom made chipsets will be used to power future low-end Xiaomi phones – like the Redmi series, while the high-end devices will retain the use of Snapdragon processors. The processors will likely be available for devices early next year. By doing this, they’re joining the likes of Samsung and Apple in making their own processors.



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