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Zoom Implores Users To Update App Before The 30th Of May

Video conferencing app Zoom has grown in popularity in recent times, with a number of corporate bodies employing it to keep in touch with employees. The conferencing app has however come under fire of recent due to a number of security concerns.

Reports making the rounds have pointed out that Zoom is taking more steps to make the space safer with system-wide security enhancements and Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) encryption. Users have been advised to update the app before the 30th of May as GCM encryption will become compulsory for all meetings and will be enabled system-wide from that day.

Zoom Cloud Messenger Gets Changes

Galois/Counter Mode encryption is an algorithm for authenticated encryption of data which provides assurance of genuineness of the confidential data. Zoom explained in a blog post that all its clients should be in version 5.0 or higher to be able to join any meeting. Support for enhanced GCM encryption was added with Zoom 5.0 sometime in April, with system-wide implementation set to take place from the 30th of May.

From the 30th of May, a new green encryption shield will be visible showing that enhanced GCM encryption is enabled. Some other features are expected with this new update, one of which is turning off call history by default.

With these new updates from Zoom, we hope that the earlier complaints that raised concerns regarding privacy will now be a thing of the past.



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