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The popular free mobile synchronisation and backup service, ZYB, has been acquired by Vodafone and re-branded as Vodafone360.

vodafone360In November last year, ZYB was replaced by a new and improved service called Vodafone 360. From that time, the ZYB website was closed for new registrations, and new signups are being directed to register with Vodafone 360 instead.

Last year, we reported that ZYB had suddenly cut off certain users without notification.

Vodafone360 claims to work “on 247 mobile networks globally and more than 400 mobile phones” and that “it’s available to everyone for free“, Nigeria is not on the list of supported countries. Actually, that shouldn’t be stranmge, as Vodafone does not have a presence in Nigeria anyway.

Again, a member of our team who had a ZYB account attempted to login but got an error that the username and email address do not exist in the database. Apparently, the account has been deleted.

Adieu, ZYB.

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  1. Backing up your data (mobile, whatever) is a chore we generally avoid. Usually, like insurance, by the time you REALLY NEED the backup, it is too late unless you have been consciencious, dutiful and diligent with your Backing-Ups.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I would be hesitant in trusting critical backups (phone contents, whatever) to facilities over which I have no control!

    This is a major reason why cloud computing (doing ALL computing & storing/hosting ALL your data and applications on the net) may take some while to get adopted by the masses.

    If I rely on ZYB, and they pull a vanishing act one day (it is free, they owe me ZERO obligation), what do I do? Who am I gonna sue?

    To backup my phone contents, I would feel SAFER using my Nokia PC-Suite, or a third software along the lines of ‘transferContacts’ & SmartPhoneWare MessageStorer. It is not as sleek as renamed ZYB would be. But, I am sure of where my backUps are AT. Always..

    Services like ZYB’s need a backup itself, in that he they fizzle (out) or crash, I do not get to empty my lachrymal ducts. Cry…

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