2023’s Hottest Gaming Equipment Reviewed

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Today’s gamers have a world of choice for the type of games they can play and the ways in which they can play them. Technology has advanced so far that gaming is more than simply plugging in a console and loading up a game; there are all manner of gadgets and accessories that can transform the gaming experience. And that’s not to mention the variety of consoles, gaming PCs and even portable gaming devices that have flooded the market.  

Staying on top of the latest gaming equipment releases isn’t easy, but in this post, we’ll feature the hottest gaming equipment for 2023. The following gadgets and devices will enhance gameplay, whether you’re spinning slots reels on this innovative platform or heading into battle in the latest battle royale extravaganza.  

Gaming Consoles 

A gaming console
A gaming console.

Consoles are quite possibly the most definitive of all gaming devices, and they’ve been at the heart of the development of the gaming industry since the late 20th century.  

Sony PlayStation 5 

Although the PS5 is now well into its second year on sale, supply chain issues and record sell-outs meant that very few gamers could get their hands on this coveted gaming console. Here in 2023, however, the PS5 is widely available, and it’s easy to see what the fuss is about. Not only does the console pack in exceptional hardware like the DualSense controller, but it’s also backed up by top-of-the-range software that reduces game loading times to absolute minimums.  

Xbox Series X 

Microsoft’s 5th generation gaming console is currently the most powerful device on the market and is an excellent alternative for budding video gamers who aren’t in the Sony camp. Powered by a combination of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, the Xbox Series X adds new levels of immersion to the latest games available on GamePass Ultimate. Furthermore, its 4K120/8K60 support makes ray tracing possible too.  

Nintendo Switch 

The Nintendo Switch may be over five years old, but it remains the best handheld console on the market. The original Switch took hybrid gaming to a new level, and the latest OLED version has upgraded several core features to ensure the console remains just as relevant to modern gaming audiences. 

Gaming PCs 

A Gaming PC

Gaming PCs have become increasingly more popular in recent years, thanks to the array of gaming titles that are now compatible with this platform.  

HP Omen 30L 

The HP Omen 30L is a pre-built gaming PC that feels like a custom rig thanks to its sleek design and stellar components. Featuring a 10th Gen Intel Core i9 process and an NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics card, the Omen 30L ticks all the boxes as far as power, performance, and gaming productivity go.  

MSI Infinite RS 13th 

For a high-end gaming PC in 2023, look no further than the MSI Infinite RS 13th. Packing in a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 and the liquid-cooled GeForce RTX 4090, the Infinite RS 13th is all about high-performance gaming. It’s also been designed with longevity in mind, ensuring that several components can be upgraded down the line. Furthermore, it comes with a keyboard and mouse for gaming straight out of the box. 

Gaming Monitors 

A Gaming Monitor

No gaming set-up is complete without a monitor, especially if you’re gaming on the PC. While it’s possible to connect a console to your Samsung television, gaming monitors are specifically designed to deliver seamless gameplay.  

LG UltraGear 38GN950 

Set to be the ultimate gaming monitor for 2023, the LG UltraGear 38GN950 impresses with its 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Providing exceptional image quality and some neat gaming features like G-Sync, this ultrawide monitor also offers DisplayHDR 600 

AOC Agon Pro AG274QG 

One of the best high-end monitors released in 2023, the AOC Agon Pro AG274QG was designed to meet the specific needs of eSports gamers, but recreation players with a larger budget will enjoy this monitor too. In addition to providing low-latency gaming performance, the Agon Pro AG274QG also delivers a 2560 x 1440p QHD resolution. Additional features like the Agon Quick Switch puck are designed to make your gaming experience as effortless as possible. 

Gaming Peripherals  

Gaming Peripherals  

Peripherals is the term used to describe the additional gadgets and accessories you’ll need to play modern games. The category encompasses keyboards, mice, gamepads and joysticks, headsets and microphones.  

Logitech G502 SE Hero High Performance RGB Gaming Mouse 

With no less than 11 programmable buttons, the Logitech G502 is easily the most versatile gaming mouse for 2023. In addition to the array of programmable functions, this high-performance gaming mouse also features mechanical switch button tensioning. Additionally, the 16,000 DPI light sensor delivers high accuracy even in intensive gaming sessions.  

HyperX Alloy Origins Gaming Keyboard 

A great all-round gaming keyboard that will see you through 2023 and beyond, the HyperX Alloy Origins features a premium look and feel despite its accessible price point. With speedy linear switches, sensitive keys and even RGB lighting, this mechanical keyboard is perfect for mainstream gamers.  

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