3CX Phone System Reviews

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3CX is a business communications system that offers an encompassing solution for calls, video conferencing, live chat and messaging. Its open standard which means it can be used with any IP Phone or SIP provider. Their apps can be used on Android, iOS and the Web. Their software enables different companies to cut telecommunication costs, boost employee productivity, and enhance customer experience.

3CX Phone System Reviews

3CX phone system reviews on GetApp website

I found reviews on the GetApp website and the site had an overall star review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. There were a lot of good reviews so let’s start from there. A lot of customers are happy that the company is inexpensive, affordable and easy to set up.  Some customers also spoke about their user interface being clean and straightforward. Their great software helps their customers to receive calls and allows them to manage their calls easily and maintain their calling network.  There are always a lot of new features and their recorded calls are always good quality. Here’s a few of the good reviews: 

•3CX has made it easier to maintain our calling network and allows us to bring its features outside of the office which aids in our day to day. The phone dial pad itself is very user friendly and the software itself has a very ease of use feel to it. As a manager it is nice to view, listen and transfer my teams calls on the fly – the logging system also allows me to keep track of activity within my teams.

•I really like their phone console. It allows everyone to easily manage and monitor their calls throughout the busy work day. That is the best part of their tool.

•Price, Ease of set up and feature rich capabilities. The price can be FREE if you are a small office. Still, even for a larger organization the pricing is extremely affordable. It took less than 90 minutes from download to our complete office set up, including 15 extensions. All this with zero training, just following intuitive user interfaces.

Moving on to the bad reviews, some customers were not happy that 3CX offers very little customisation outside of the user interface. There were also some customers who said they had some issues with call forwarding and poor connection which affects call quality.  Some customers also claimed that the system can sometimes be confusing and quite difficult to adapt to. A few customers also mentioned having some issues of delays when they ask for a function and log of incoming and outgoing calls. Apparently, some of their calls are missing and not recorded and some one also mentioned having to restart their software  from time to time because it randomly stops working. Here’s some of the reviews:

•Not a ton of cons to be honest, there are some issues of delays from when you ask for a function (click delay) like looking up a contact from the address book and clicking to call the contact, sometimes there is a bit of a delay. The product could use a bit of a refresh look, but overall the ease of use and user friendly Softphone does hit its marks.

•Unfortunately, the provider does not say anywhere that the telephone system is not yet compatible with Windows 11. The TAPI driver cannot find the phone and therefore cannot be set up and configured correctly. A note on your side would be an advantage!

•I have to restart the software from time to time because it will stop working. I also have some issues with the log of incoming and outgoing calls. I would like to be able to call someone right back if they just called and I don’t have their phone number. Some calls are remembered and some are not, it seems random. I can see the number as it comes in but if I need to call that person back sometimes their number doesn’t remain in the log, I do not know why.


3CX Phone System Reviews

3CX phone system reviews on g2 website

The g2 site also had an overall star review rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Let’s start with the good reviews, customers were happy that it  was easy to set up and maintain. You can access their phone system on any device and anywhere. A lot of customers praised their receptionist feature and ring groups. Their professional grade software features and performance which are available at a good price were also mentioned. The interface is intuitive and works with most of the major brands of IP SIP phones. Here’s a some of the reviews:

•I can set up the 3CX app on my smartphone and use it if I am away from my desk phone. I like the digital receptionist feature and ring groups, I can even set up holiday greetings on the console management.

•The system was very easy to install. We are currently using almost 200 extensions and this system is a breeze to add new stations. The price was also something that was too good to be true. Don’t be fooled by the low price point. This system can hold its ground with the bigger players at less than half the price!

•Easy to manage, reliable with very low maintenance. We have been using 3CX as our phone system for many years now and the system has been very reliable. The system does not require much maintenance which can be fully automated.

Now on to the bad reviews, there were a few complaints about the cell phone app being a little buggy and the mobile app eating a lot of battery. Some customers also mentioned experiencing random dropped calls and the phone system not being user friendly. Apparently, a customer was finding it hard to delete recordings and there were also some complaints about some features not being available on the mobile app e.g ex direct call and more. Here’s a few of the bad reviews:

•The cell phone app is a little buggy. It will drop calls randomly that are passed through to it from the system. It is just a minor annoyance though and definitely not something that I would consider something that would make me rethink our purchase.

•The only downside of 3CX is that they move slow on their backend, sometimes they only approve certain carriers on updates.

Can’t modify outbound caller IDs without another trunk.

•I wish the upgrade feature was easier. When there is a major upgrade, you must backup the system, uninstall the old version, install the new version and restore the backup.


3CX Phone System Reviews

Last Words

After reading through a number of reviews on different sites, 3CX has some improvements to make to fully satisfy their customers but they seem to be doing a decent job. 

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