Apple iPod 5th Gen: 5 things to love and 3 things to hate about it

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We’ve had the iPod Touch 5th Gen for quite a while now. This review has been long coming except for a bit of laziness on my part. After about a month of using this iPod, Here’s a low down of things I love and hate about it.

The Good Parts of Apple iPod 5th Gen

Apple iPod 5th Gen (1)

1.) The Compact Size:
The Apple iPod 5th Gen is small sized and compact. With a 4 -inch screen it fits well into my hands – just the way I love it. The device is very thin with a polished metallic finishing. Almost everyone that has handled this iPod commends the premium design. If you’re the kind that likes it small and compact, this iPod is a nice fit for you.

iPod sample camera photo

2.) Great Camera:
Oh the camera!!  This iPod is has an amazingly great camera. The color reproduction is excellent and the sensor takes in lots of details, many thanks to Apple technology. It might interest you to know that iPod 5th Gen has 5 MP rear camera with flash, but then, the results are way beyond what you find on other devices of same megapixel rating.

Above is one of the shots I took while in NYSC camp. The selfie camera is also great, even though its just 1.2 MP. Zoom in twice, and the quality remains decent.

3.) Music Quality:
The iPod Touch 5th Gen is another wonderful music player. To really enjoy your music, make sure you use Apple earphones or any other premium one. If you can pass through the hurdles of adding music through iTunes, the rest is bliss. The external speaker is not loud, so you can leave it out.

4.) Battery life & Fast Charging: This device has a very great battery life. The iPod 5th Gen can last you a whole day and more for just music playback, after full charge. For watching movies or gaming, it lasts for about 8 hours before running down. Originally, the iPod doesn’t have fast charging technology incorporated, but this device charges fast. It takes 1 hour to charge fully from 0 – 100%.

5.) iBooks & Large App Repository: Coming pre-installed is an ebook reader, iBooks. Using iTunes one can add books of various formats : pdf, epub, etc. I love the way the app renders pages in a neat and orderly manner.

iPod - Books and Apps

There’s also the gift of Apple App Store. With WiFi connected, I was able to download and try out a few apps and a list of games. So much to explore.

The Ugly Side of iPod 5th Gen

1.) The iOS problem: You can’t share files through Bluetooth, there’s no system-wide file manager to arrange your files. The availability of Xender partly reduced the file sharing problem, but sadly, any file you collect through Xender can only be accessed within the app. Each app houses it’s data seprately and there’s no way of collating them in one place. Sad really.

2.) Enforced iTunes: This device is useless if you don’t have a PC around with iTunes installed. You’re forced to look for the nearest PC with iTunes before you can add content (music or videos) to it.

3.) Poor external speaker: The external speaker of this iPod has a low volume. To enjoy your songs it’s best to use a pair of earphones or headset.

Despite the setbacks, the Apple iPod 5th Gen has turned out to be my favourite companion. Keeping me occupied on the road, during lunch breaks or when I just want to relax. This device is ideal for those that would like to have a first taste of iOS without breaking the bank. Cheers.

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