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Today, our phones are more involved in our daily routines than ever before. We all have a seemingly endless arsenal of apps capable of incredible things.

So how do we use this opportunity to bring positive change into the world and not just play with the latest hot app?

using iPhone - 5 ways to use your phone for greater good

Here are five ways to use your phone for the greater good.

1) Stay Safe

A cell phone can be an extremely useful tool in the pursuit of staying safe and connected to friends and family. There has never really been such an ideal tool available throughout our history as humans.

So how do we take advantage of this opportunity?

Take some time to look through the safety options available on your phone. Most phones have a lot of built-in safety features that the user is unaware of.

Look for features such as emergency calls (AKA ICE Contacts) and “find my friends.” These features can end up saving a life.

2) Check In

Cell phones allow us to instantly connect to the outside world, no matter where we are. Contacting colleagues and businesses becomes easier with every passing day. Today, it is perhaps even considered strange not to contact multiple people throughout any given day.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to be in the lives of our loved ones, even when we cannot be physically present. A quick check means the world to an older relative, long-distant friend, and parent.

A cell phone is a perfect tool to make someone feel less lonely. Never forget the power of a check-in!

3) Donate

Today, cell phones are part of the charity economy. Mobile Axept: Text To Give Church has made donating easier than ever. You can now skip a call or website and donate directly from your phone’s SMS feature. In many ways today, there is no excuse for not donating to your favorite charities.

4) Recycle 

The world goes through an unimaginable amount of phones every year. Phones often sadly have a quick turn over rate, and the cell phone economy has taken a serious toll on the environment.

We owe it to the planet to do our part when it comes to recycling our phones. Although it may be easy to throw away your phone when you are done with it, try your best to dispose of your phone responsibly.

One alternative is to trade your current cell phone in for a new phone or pass it down to someone in need. This way, your old model is getting used for good.

5) Develop an app

Now is the time to join the game. Cell phones, and especially the iPhone, have brought us the app economy. This has been a great source of jobs for all types of people. By developing an app, you have the opportunity to create a product that improves the lives of others.

You don’t need to be a coder or have any special background to get your foot in the door. Apps are driven by young budding start-ups always looking for new talent and fresh ideas. Don’t be scared to consider this field; a tech job can be rewarding and a great career option.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, phones can be used for good or evil. It is up to us how we play our cards and choose to utilize this tool. Whether it is an iPhone, a Samsung phone, or some othe brand, you can use your phone for the greater good.

As we face a world full of obstacles and pain, it is paramount that we go into the fight for a better society with a phone in our hands and the determination to make things better. We have been blessed to be alive in a time of advanced technology, let’s use it as best as we can!

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