How to Maximize iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life

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With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple introduced a number of firsts. From the always-on display to the 48MP camera, there is a lot to discover. However, there’s also extra battery pressure brought on by such new functions, as several reviews claim that the iPhone 14 Pro can’t match the battery life of previous iPhone models. 

In this article, I’ll discuss strategies to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life. Some of these suggestions require you to disable hardware components, others require software settings modification. Whichever you choose, you’ll surely get more use out of your battery. 

Learn how to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life

How Can I Maximize iPhone 14 Pro Battery Life?

If the battery on your iPhone 14 Pro is depleting more quickly than you would expect, you are not alone. But that does not imply that your phone is faulty. Here are some tips to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life.

Turn off the Always-On Display

Unlike Android devices, the iPhone’s always-on display displays all of the elements normally visible on the Lock Screen. Each element, from your wallpaper to the Apple Watch-inspired widgets in iOS 16, keeps its position, although in a dimmed state while refreshing at 1Hz and constantly updating data in real-time.

However, if you keep using your iPhone 14 Pro in this manner, its battery life may diminish over time. So, follow these steps to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life by turning off the always-on display:

  • Go to the Display & Brightness page in Settings on your iPhone.
  • Locate the Always On setting by scrolling down and tap on it.
  • Turn off the Always On Display toggle on the next screen.

Apple has added a few options if you don’t want to disable Always On Display to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life.

You can tweak the Always On Display setting instead of completely turning it off. Do this by disabling the Show Wallpaper or Show Notifications toggles in the same menu where you located the Always On Display toggle. If you turn off both of these toggles, your iPhone will only display the time, date, and widgets when it is locked. It’s another sufficient option to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life.

Disable ProMotion to Limit the Frame Rate

High refresh rate displays are attractive to look at and even more so to use, but they do run the risk of draining the iPhone’s battery. The iPhone 13 Pro handled this quite well, and we expect the iPhone 14 Pro to do the same. 

However, limiting ProMotion to disable the high refresh rate display can help you maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life if you’re ever in a pinch. To limit the refresh rate of your iPhone to achieve this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone then navigate to Accessibility.
  • Now, click on Motion.
  • Enable the Limit Frame Rate toggle to limit your phone to 60Hz.

Disable Auto-Brightness

Disabling the Auto-Brightness setting in iOS is a vital trick for saving iPhone battery life. Since the iPhone 14 Pro can reach a peak brightness of 2,000 nits when used outside, this is even more crucial. If used for an extended time, such a brightness setting might affect the battery life of your iPhone 14 Pro.

You can disable Auto-Brightness and thereby maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life through the following steps:

  • Open Settings and select Accessibility.
  • Then, navigate to the Display & Text Size menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this screen and disable Auto-Brightness.

Turn off Keyboard Haptics

Keyboard Haptics, a new feature in iOS 16, is something you’re unlikely to value until you’ve used it personally. Sadly, the feature comes with a warning: according to Apple’s support page, it will diminish your iPhone’s battery life.

Although the option is disabled by default, if you’ve activated it or restored your iPhone 14 Pro from a device backup that included the feature, you should disable it now. Just follow these steps to do so and maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life:

  • Launch Settings, then choose Sounds & Haptics.
  • Find Keyboard Feedback and tap it.
  • Disable Haptics from the two options.

Reduce Background App Activity

Another way to maximize battery life on the iPhone 14 Pro is to minimize background app activities on the device. It’s common knowledge that programs on our smartphones are often running in the background. Working behind the scenes and always refreshing data ensures that you receive notifications on time and return to applications with little delay. 

However, if background activities keep running, they tend to deplete the battery and consume mobile data. So, consider turning off the Background App Refresh option if you’re looking to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life. Follow the steps listed below to make the necessary adjustments:

  • Access  Settings and navigate to General.
  • Find the Background App Refresh subsection.
  • Which applications can refresh in the background will be up to you to choose for each one. Turn off the toggle for any applications that you believe are unnecessary.

Turn Off 5G

Another available option to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life is to disable 5G. The hardware components responsible for connecting to 5G networks consume additional power and affect iPhone 14 Pro battery capacity, despite the added speed benefit. 

Also, with the lack of 5G-enabled towers, your smartphone may get stuck constantly searching for a signal. As such, I recommend switching off the 5G function to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings and then click on Cellular.
  • Now, select Cellular Data Options, then Voice & Data.
  • Select 5G Auto or LTE on this screen.

Note that on some devices, you might see the phrase Mobile Data instead of Cellular. This difference is due to the iPhone’s language settings.

The first option (5G Auto) allows your iPhone to search for and connect to 5G networks if the impact on battery life is deemed minor. The latter (LTE) will restrict connections to 5G networks and stop the constant search for accessible networks in your area, thus helping you maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life.

To conclude, the tips provided above will no doubt help if you ever need to maximize iPhone 14 Pro battery life. Try any or all of the suggested tips to get the best results. If you’re ever in need of tips to fix or maximize battery use in other iPhone models, check out our dedicated guides.

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