Why Your Android Phone Keeps Rebooting And What To Do

In this article. we explain why your Android phone keeps rebooting itself and show you what to do to stop those random restarts.

It is an unpleasant experience when your phone suddenly reboots or goes off by itself. It is even more annoying when this happens while you’re working with your phone, running an app, or doing something important. Most of the time, the rebooting happens once you finish using your device and drop it, or when you slide it inside your pocket or bag.

Let’s look at the possible causes of this problem, and their possible solutions.

Why Your Android Phone Keeps Rebooting Itself

Battery Connectors: This is the first place to check when you start having constant reboots. Open the back cover of the phone and examine it properly. Does the battery fit rightly? Check if their are slight gaps between the battery and its compartment, Shake it gently to know if its wobbly.

If the battery connectors are out of place, use a small screwdriver and adjust it. If the battery compartment  is wobbly or isn’t firm, fold a tiny sheet of paper to stuff it in, or just get yourself a new battery if you can.

we show you why your Android phone keeps rebooting itself

Bad Battery: Its could just be that the battery of the phone is swollen or damaged, if so you should consider getting a new battery.

Overheating: This can be caused by a hardware or software problem making the phone shut down to cool off.

Avoid placing the phone near hot objects, avoid using the phone heavily while charging, check that you’re using a recommended charger, also avoid always setting screen brightness to the highest.

Rogue apps/Buggy ROM or software update: Your phone can be rebooting because of the last app you installed ( this is especially caused by root apps that require root permission) this can cause the OS to crash. I’ve been a victim multiple times razz . Installing a custom ROM or update could also cause frequent rebooting.

Uninstall the problematic app you suspect that’s causing the problem. As for ROMS and OS upgrades, you have to revert or upgrade to a different OS/ROM as the case maybe. Re-flashing the Stock ROM or doing and OS upgrade could solve the problem. Sometimes its down to a simple factory reset to fix the issue.

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Sometyimes, your Android phone keeps rebooting itself because you installed a poor quality app
Sometyimes, your Android phone keeps rebooting itself because you installed a poor quality app

Faulty Hardware/ Factory fault: The unit must have had a fault from factory. Instead of rooting or dismantling the phone, If the phone is still under a warranty, its best advice to take it back for replacement or repairs.

N/B: Please instead of forming hard guy and spoiling your device :-), you can always take it to a techie to help you out with any challenging procedure.

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