Internal Memory Full: How to Increase Internal Storage space on Android

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Have you ever been plagued with the problem of small internal storage? Perhaps you have experienced a pop-up message that says, ‘internal memory full’, on your Android phone? Have you ever asked how to increase internal storage space?


I bring you good news. There’s a little tip to help you extract some memory from your phone’s internal storage. Follow the below steps religiously, and you’re on your way to getting extra free storage.

Internal Memory Full: How to Increase Internal Storage space on Android

How to Increase Internal Storage space on Android to avoid the Internal Memory Full error

1.) You must be rooted. Yes, before you go ahead make sure your phone is rooted.

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2.) You need a file explorer that has root privileges or one that can access your phone’s root folder. Examples are Xplorer, Es File Explorer, or Root Explorer. We will use Es File Explorer as example.

3.) Navigate to Root Folder/data/log_other_mode.


4.) Open the folder and delete all the files inside it. Fear not, your phone won’t spoil if you delete them.

5.) Reboot your phone. Go check your internal storage and see it has increased.


Thanks to Sir EyebeeKay for the tip.

Update: 9/10/2014

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So if you checked and didn’t see the log_other_mode folder here are some other folders you can wipe its content to further free more extra space.


6.) Navigate to /data/dalvik cache, delete everything .

7.) Navigate to/data/lost+found, delete everything.

8.) Navigate to /system/lost+found, delete everything in it.


For those that want to go the extra mile. There’s a culprit app that generates these huge sized log files, It is called MTK Logger

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9.) Navigate to /system/app. Delete MTK Logger.apk and the corresponding MTK Logger.odex file.

Then reboot your device. You should be good now.Also read:  Mobile Data and User-friendly Configuration


After doing this, I’m sure your phone will heave a huge sigh of relief.

Please note after deleting the MTK Logger, and rebooting, your phone might reboot in a funny way for the first time, but I’m sure you won’t experience any further issues.

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Update : 29/11/2014

It appears that there are yet more folders you can delete to free up more space on your phone

10.) Navigate to /data/data-core , delete everything.

11.) Navigate to /aex_exp , delete everything.

Reboot you phone after doing this, and enjoy more free space.

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