Have you ever been plagued with the problem of small internal storage? Have you always had the problem of ‘internal memory full’ on your Android


How to solve “internal memory full” problem on Android

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Have you ever been plagued with the problem of small internal storage? Have you always had the problem of ‘internal memory full’ on your Android phone? Have you ever asked how to increase internal storage space?


I bring you good news. There’s a little tip to help you extract some memory from your phone’s internal storage. Follow these steps religiously, and you’re on your way to getting extra free storage.

How to solve internal memory full problem

1.) You must be rooted. Yes, before you go ahead make sure your phone is rooted.


2.) You need a file explorer that has root privileges or one that can access your phone’s root folder. Examples are Xplorer, Es File Explorer, or Root Explorer. We will use Es File Explorer as example.

3.) Navigate to Root Folder/data/log_other_mode


how to solve internal memory full problem on Android


how to solve internal memory full problem on Android


4.) Open the folder and delete all the files inside it. Fear not, your phone won’t spoil if you delete them.

5.) Reboot your phone. Go check your internal storage and see it has increased.

Thanks to Sir EyebeeKay for the tip.


Update: 9/10/2014

So if you checked and didn’t see the log_other_mode folder, here are some other folders whose content you can wipe to further free more extra space and get rid of the internal memory full message.


6.) Navigate to /data/dalvik cache, delete everything .

7.) Navigate to/data/lost+found, delete everything.

8.) Navigate to /system/lost+found, delete everything in it.

For those that want to go the extra mile. There’s a culprit app that generates these huge sized log files. It is called MTK Logger.

9.) Navigate to /system/app. Delete MTK Logger.apk and the corresponding MTK Logger.odex file.

Then reboot your device and the internal memory full message should be gone now.


After doing this, I’m sure your phone will heave a huge sigh of relief.

Please note after deleting the MTK Logger, and rebooting, your phone might reboot in a funny way for the first time, but I’m sure you won’t experience any further issues.

Update : 29/11/2014

It appears that there are yet more folders you can delete to free up more space on your phone

10.) Navigate to /data/data-core , delete everything.

11.) Navigate to /aex_exp , delete everything.


Reboot you phone after doing this, and enjoy more free space. That should be the end of the internal memory full problem.

Note that this is a temporary solution though. As your storage needs grow, you will need to buy a phone with bigger storage space.

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  2. Thanks ElRoy…


    EyeBeeKay is a dude..as in DUDE? Lawd have mercy! The dreams I’ve had….hehehe!

  3. If There Is One Major Problem Android Needs To Address, It Is Problem Of Apps Scattering Files, And Creating Folders All Over The Place.

    You Install An App, Decide To Uninstall It, And You Have Several Folders/Files Left Behind, Cluttering Up The Internal Memory. It Get To A Point The Device Gets Filled Up. It’s A Matter Of When, Not, If.

    The More Surprising Thing Is The Size Of Useless Logs Created, As Mentioned In The Article, And The Speed With Which Those Logs Grow.

    I Recently Increase The Internal Memory Space Left , From About 78 Megabytes To About 375 Megabytes, Just By Clearing The Useless Log Files In The “/Datalog_Other_
    Mode” Folder.

    If You Use A Phone That Makes Use Of The MediaTek Processor [Such As Tecno], You Would Also Find A Log Files And Folders Generated By The Mtklogger App, Which Should Be Removed From Tome To Time To Also Free Up Some Space

    For People Who Cycle Through Apps A Lot (I Do), It’s A Major Annoyance With Android, This Cluttering.

    It Appears Google Is Taking Steps To Mitigate The Problem Starting From Kitkat, With Restrictions To Where Apps Can Write To. Talhst Way, When You Uninstall And App, The System Can Track Where The Data Folders And Files Are, And Remove Them Too

    But, There Is Still Serious Room For Improvement.

    The Way Partitioning And File Allocations Are Structured / Handled, Currently, Needs Serious Revisiting.

    One Other Way To Mitigate The Cluttering Up Of The Internal Memory Is To Always “Clear Data” Or “Clear Cache” Before Uninstalling Any App. That Way, The Cluttering Is Not As Severe..

    Using A Tool Like Clean Master Or, Sd Maid, Regularly Would Also Free Some Clutter On An Android Phone. These Particular Two Come Very Highly Rated.

  4. Granted am not very techie…
    I rooted my tab, moved most apps to the sd card, but I cant use my tab in usb mode. I read somewhere about partitioning and A2SD something something but I was seriously getting a headache so I dropped it.
    Can someone help me walk tru this valley?

  5. Sir how do I handle the mtklogger files n folders. I saw them but I don’t know the ones to delete.

  6. Sir how do I handle the mtklogger files n folders. I saw them but I don’t know the ones to delete.

    Delete them all. they are just log files…

  7. Meanwhile I Cant Find The Log_Other_Mode Folder

    On Some Devices, You May Not Find That Folder

    What You Could Do (What I Did), Is, Get A File Manager That Has Root Facility, And Can Represent Space Consumption Graphically. Es File Explorer And Fx File Explorer Have That Feature..

    Scour Through The /Data Folder

    If You See Files With Sizes In The Megabytes Or Gigabytes, Google The Parent Folder’s Name Painstakingly One By One.. To Find Out If It’s Safe To Delete.

    Once You Can Identify Those Folders That Are Just Log Files, Make A Habit Of Deleting The Contents From Time To Time…

  8. // But I Cant Use My Tab In Usb Mode. I Read Somewhere About Partitioning And A2sd Something Something But I Was Seriously Getting A Headache So I Dropped It.//

    When Connected In Some Specifc Usb Mode, One Of The Problems You Have Is That You Won’t Be Able To Run Apps Resident On The Sdcard While The Device Is Connected To The Pc.

    I Think http://Is.Gd/N0tcbg Should He Helpful…

  9. A question for the house pls.
    Is it safe to un-install Google maps on a rooted phone? Thanks in advance.

  10. I increased my own internal storage partion by editing the ebr files 1 and 2. It is a lengthy process and for those with the tecno g9 tablet, i can provide the rom if needed.

  11. Emmanuel I really can’t thank you enough. Am enjoying my 4gb.
    Some of my friends are interested in working on their p9. Can U help?

  12. one of the reasons why i switched to a Windows Phone never had storage probs , dont need to root before i move my apps to sd card its just sad when u recomend android to a non Geek.

    this blog is been republished bcos u need to do this monthly! sad

  13. Actually, the post was updated with more steps to take while saving yourself more memory space

  14. Please help. In the latest update to this post, you listed a folder named ‘aex_exp’. The only folder I could find with a similar name was ‘aee_exp’ in the destination /data. Are these folders one & the same?

  15. ve rooted my phone, and am using es file explorer and cn not find any of the files youve listed ?

  16. Thanks. It really helped.
    Previously tried other methods such as linked2SD, clearing cache data and residual files, uninstalling apps, clearing app data… With little success.

    Den I read dis post.
    I enabled my ES explorer to show hidden files (settings/display settings/check show hidden file) Deleted all d files in data/log_other_mode
    And wala…. See free space…

    Will b doing d same thing for my colleagues wit same problem. Tnx again

  17. Please help me, I can’t install applications on my techno tab. It keeps saying “error installing app”. Thanks

  18. I have a hip street flare tablet n really need help determining which files to delete and not to delete my tablet seems very slow n am having issues downloading apps and I can connect to the internet for a min or two then I keep having to disconnect n reconnect every 2 mins or so its very frustrating. If someone can plz help me that would b great thanks u can contact me by email Ashley.piercey88@gmail.com

  19. Pls can you help me with increasing my internal storage for my TECNO G9. pls i have my memory filled up and i cant install anything nor download application. pls help me out. i am waiting patiently.

  20. Deleting LOST.DIR may not be such a good idea,unless the files in the folder are still stored in some other folder..

  21. Pls this internal storage,is it meant only for apps???,have tried installing apps in my P9,buh to no avail,keeps telling me”low internal storage”……………while i have got about 10gb in USB,why cant the apps be installed in the usb storage,,,then wah do i do so that yhe wud be able to be installed in the usb storage,,,,,,,,is giving me lots of headache pls help a brother

  22. In my case, the useless files that were taking all the internal storage space in my phone were located in /data/misc

    They all had the format “heap-dump-tmXXXXXXXXXX-pidYYYY.hprof”

  23. Hi Emmanual,

    I need your help to increase my phone internal memory.

    Where can I have the guidance and files?


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