Apple Music Reportedly Causing iPhone Battery Drain

iPhone users have taken to a number of platforms including Reddit and Apple’s support platform to make complaints about a battery issue. Some of these reports suggest that hours of unconscious background activity may be running down phone batteries very quickly, even when these apps are not opened on the device.

Many of these complaints come from users of the iOS 13.5.1, with many of them saying that they have experienced battery drain above 50% when they are not using the Apple Music app. Reports from MacRumors suggests that this may not be a new issue, though there has been an increase in these complaints in the last week.

Apple Music Reportedly Draining iPhone batteries

Certain users have been able to take care of this issue by force quitting the app that may be causing this draining, restarting the iPhone, turning off the mobile data or switching off the background app refresh in the phone settings.

A number of theories have surfaced over the possible cause of this glitch, with some quarters believing that recent changes in iOS may be responsible for this. The good part is, users who may have been suffering from this issue can force quit Apple Music, delete Apple Music and reinstall the app or try disabling Automatic Downloads from iPhone’s settings menu.

The company is yet to release an official statement regarding this issue, but it is expected that it will be sorted out as soon as possible.



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