Apple Releases First iOS 13.4 Public Beta Operating System

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Barely a week after the release of developer betas of the iOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4 and tvOS 13.4, Apple has unveiled the public beta for these releases. The update is expected to be up for users enrolled in the beta testing program as an Over-The-Air update.

This update also brings with it the much-anticipated iCloud Folder sharing feature, this feature was delayed to Spring of 2020 for macOS but was listed to be available for iOS from last September. This is a welcome development for iOS, as other popular competing services have had such sharing features for long.

Apple beta update

The iOS 13.4 also features a new toolbar for the Mail app, effectively separating the reply button from the delete button, making it easier for users to navigate the mail app and avoid mistakenly deleting important mails.

For other new features in this update, there would be nine new Memoji stickers, minor changes to the location services widget, a new “Shazam it” shortcut and a number of other new features. There have also been references to a new NFC enabled “CarKey” API in the beta, this API can allow iPhone owners use their device as a car key, being able to open and shut car doors, and also potentially start the car engine.

With changes in the development process for iOS 14, there are rumors making the rounds that the next iOS version will be able to support all devices supported by the iOS13 version. With Apple making massive leaps in software development, there is no telling how much they can achieve in the coming years.


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