Apple Self Service Repair: You can now fix your own iPhone

For a long time, fixing your own iPhone was frowned upon by Apple and would result in your warranty being voided. With the introduction of Apple Self Service Repair, that is a thing of the past, and you can now fix your iPhone by yourself.

Apple Self Service Repair programme

How does the Apple Self Service Repair programme work?

  1. Review the Apple Repair Manual: Read the repair manual on Apple’s website for the steps required to carry out the repair of your particular iPhone model.
  2. Order Parts and Tools from the Apple Self Service Repair Store: Order genuine Apple parts and rent or buy the tools you need to repair your device. If you are unwilling to purchase repair tools, you can rent a tool kit from Apple from $49 a week.

Apple Self Service Repair Service Availability

Initial availability is limited to the United States, so if you are resident outside of the US, you cannot use the service yet. As is the norm with Apple, the service will be extended to other countries over time, likely starting with countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

To access the Apple repair manuals and/or order your tool kit, go to the Self Service Repair Store by clicking HERE.

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