It is no state secret that the latest Apple firmware for its iOS devices has been released. In fact, it went on air since Monday, 22nd November 2010. The update came with several new innovative features and a compelling ground for anyone using an iOS device to upgrade. The devices supported in this update are […]

Though it can be argued, I still believe that the Apple AppStore is the undisputed leader among mobile phone third party applications stores. Reports from several sources now show that the Apple app store has exceeded the 300,000 mark. This feat was accomplished in less than 2 months after it passed 250,000 applications count. Gsmarena […]

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There was an interesting pie chart I that caught my interest of late on the web. As the Chinese proverb goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. So what better way to illustrate what I want to say than with a picture? Recently, I saw an interesting analysis of worldwide mobile phone sales – both […]

Apple’s special event for its music line of products has come and gone. It is a yearly September event for Apple that has dated back to at least 6 years. I believe it is expedient that we have at least a glimpse of it here at Mobility Nigeria. Apart from the iPod line of products […]

While this news item does not exactly fall under the scope of this website – mobile devices with network radioes built-in, we must not forget that devices like the iPod Touch can make for good accessories to mobile phones. Every September each year Apple announces new products especially its iPod group of products. The iPod […]