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How to Automatically Send Texts on iPhones

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Nov25,2022
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Keeping in touch with people in recent times can seem like a chore, especially considering how many other things we have going on in our daily lives. However, sending text messages doesn’t have to be so stressful.

You can automatically send texts on iPhones simply by creating a shortcut that lets you send automated text messages at a predetermined time. This way, you get to automatically send texts to as many contacts as you’d like.

How to Automatically Send Texts on iPhones

This works as an effective way to get in touch with people. It also works as a great marketing tool if you’re a business owner trying to reach out to more clients. Regardless of why you need it, we’ll show you how to automatically send texts on iPhones, so pay close attention to this guide.

How Can I Automatically Send Texts on iPhones?

You’ll need to create a relevant shortcut if you’d like to automatically send texts on iPhones. We’ve described the steps to follow below:

Step 1: Open Shortcuts on your iPhone

Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone to begin the process. You’ll need to download this app from the App Store if you accidentally deleted it or can’t find it on your device for some reason.

Choose Automation from the menu at the bottom once you’re in the app, then click on Create Personal Automation. This will begin creating a new automation for the iPhone shortcut automation.

Step 2: Choose your preferred time and day

You can choose the time of day you’d prefer for this automation to take place once the menu has opened. You’ll therefore need to indicate the specific time and day that you want your iPhone to automatically send the text you’re setting up. 

You can select the option to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. After you’ve made your selections, hit Next to move forward.

Step 3: Customize your message

When the time has been set, click on the Add Action button and choose Send Message. As a typical shortcut, Send Message could also be listed under Next Action Suggestions.

Next, you can customize your message and select the recipient from a list of contacts. Any contacts saved on the list can be selected. This is ideal if you typically use your iPhone for work because it allows you to distinguish between personal and professional contacts using groups. 

Your phone will then automatically send a text at the specific time and day you chose after this is established, thus completing your automation. This shortcut lets you automatically send text messages on iPhones if your schedule is hectic or you frequently forget things.

Using Third-Party Apps to Automatically Send Texts on iPhones?

This is another great way to automatically send texts on iPhones. Follow the steps we’ve described below:

  • Set up the Scheduled app on your iPhone after downloading it.
  • If you want your planned messages to be sent automatically, select the paid Premium plan during setup. If you only want a reminder when the time to send your texts is near, use the free option.
  • To add a new scheduled text, tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the Scheduled home screen.
  • Enter the recipient(s) in the “To” field after choosing the messaging platform at the screen’s top.  If you haven’t previously, you’ll need to give the app permission to access your contacts list at this point.
  • Enter your message and any optional attachments, then click on Schedule date to choose the time and date at which it will be sent.
  • The default choice is Don’t Repeat; to generate a message that will send again, press Repeat and choose the proper option.
  • You can now proceed by tapping Schedule Message at the bottom of the screen.

In summary, it’s a good idea to automatically send texts on iPhones if you typically have hectic days and you often forget to keep in touch. Feel free to use any of the two methods we’ve described in this guide to automatically send texts on iPhones with ease. 

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