Avoid high roaming charges when travelling with these tips

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Doing business in a new place, or exploring new cultures and destinations, can be quite a challenge. One thing you want to not do is ramp up huge voice and/or data bills. As such, knowing how to avoid high roaming charges when travelling is important.

avoid high roaming charges

How to avoid high roaming charges when travelling

Mobility Arena and Jumia Travel highlight a few things you can do to avoid high roaming charges when travelling outside of your country.

  1. Get a local SIM – Voice calls and data charges are high if you are roaming. Buy a local SIM card at your destination for use during your stay there. Doing that will cut down on your mobile expenses.
  2. Wifi – As much as possible, use hotels that provide complimentary wifi service to guests. For security purposes, we advice that you avoid free wifi at public places. If you absolutely must use them, do not carry out sensitive activity e.g. financial transactions, on them.
  3. Use data Bundles – Whether you are roaming your line or using a local line, if you have to use mobile data, buy a bundle. If roaming, some network operators let you buy a roaming data bundle before you fly out. If buying a local SIM at your destination, ask right from the airport. Often, there are telco kiosks that will advise you and help you subscribe available at the airport.
  4. Use internet calls (audio & video) – Calls over internet are cheaper than traditional phone calls. Use Skype, WhatsApp, BBM and the like for audio and video calls to save money.
  5. Turn off automatic updates and background apps – Leaving automatic updates on will eat up your data in the background and ramp up your expenses. Wait till you get back home to update your smartphone and apps. Keep any downloads that are not essential till you get back home as well.

We hope that the above tips help you keep your mobile expenses within manageable limits during your travels.

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