Top iPhone Security Tips to Keep Your Device Secure

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The iPhone is one of the most secure smartphones available. However, it never hurts to be a bit more careful with your security. This is even more important nowadays, when hacking and cyberattacks have become widespread. Here are some iPhone security tips for you to follow.

iPhone Security Tips

Top iPhone Security Tips

  1. Deactivate lock screen access to particular features and notifications. Not all your apps need to show notifications when the screen is locked. This is important. For example, someone could read your WhatsApp messages while your screen is locked. Therefore, you need to switch off lock screen access to some apps. Go to Settings>Touch ID and Passcode. Look for the section Allow Access When Locked and turn it off for Reply with Message, Wallet, Today, and Notifications View.
  2. Make use of the iCloud Backup whenever your device is connected to a power source and a WiFi network. This would keep your data safe in case your phone gets damaged or you have to wipe it. Go to Settings>iCloud, then set iCloud Backups to On.
  3. Always have a passcode on your iPhone. Also, the longer your passcode, the better. Go to Settings>TouchID and Passcode>Turn Passcode On. Select Change Passcode to enter six digits. Also, you can make your passcode alphanumeric. This makes it harder to guess.
  4. Use 2-factor authentication for Apple ID/iCloud. This is an extra level of iPhone security. In the event that someone manages to figure out your password, they’ll not be able to login to your Apple account without authentication.
  5. Activate Find My iPhone. This helps you track your iPhone or remotely lock it if you lose it. it also helps you to wipe the contents if you need to. Go to Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone and turn it on.
  6. Do not jailbreak your device. This bypasses a lot of security features on your iPhone. It also means that you can install anything on your device, including potential threats. You will also lose the warranty of your iPhone if you jailbreak it.
  7. Always make sure that your iOS version is up to date. This is because newer versions are released with bug fixes. These fixes make the device more update your iOS firmware, go to Settings>Software Update. Then if there is a system update available, install it.
  8. Do a privacy check on your device. This is necessary because sometimes an app tries to access your microphone, location and photos even though they are not related to the apps’ function. You need to turn off access to these apps. Go to Settings>Privacy, then go through all the sections and check apps that require access to Camera, Microphone, Location Services, etc. if you think any of them should not have access to these features, turn them off.

When you have tried all these tips, you can be sure of your iPhone security. These top iPhone security tips work for any apple iPhone model you use and also apply to iPods and iPads as well.,

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