Introducing Dinorex Glass, Another Scratch/Shock Resistant Glass

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Dinorex Glass is the brand name of the Scratch Resistant Glass for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices made by Nippon Electric Glass (NEG). The name Dinorex is coined from the reputation of dinosaurs for toughness and strength. According to NEG:

Dinorex [is] a portmanteau meaning kings of dinosaurs, based on the image of the Tyrannosauraus Rex, known to be the strongest of Dinosaurs. The name indicates the strength and toughness of the glass against cracks and scratches.

Dinorex joins the list of Gorilla Glass competitors. The list includes: Concore Glass, Dragontrail, Xensation and others. The more, the merrier; right?

Dinorex Glass

Types of Dinorex Glass

There are two types of Dinorex Glass in the market currently. They are:

  1. Dinorex T2X-1: This is toughened glass that is both scratch and shock resistant. It can withstand damages and stress much better than the conventional soda lime glass. Its strength is similar to that of Gorilla glass and Dragontrail glass.
  2. Dinorex T2X-0: This Dinorex variant has touch sensors integrated in it. This means it is a One Glass Solution or OGS Glass just like Corning’s Concore Glass.
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These Smartphones Use Dinorex

Dinorex Glass is used on smartphones like Umi Plus, Meizu m2 Note, Meizu m3 Note, Meizu m1 Metal, and BQ Aquaris X5 Plus, among others.

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