A Dual Flash Drive connects your phone and PC

A dual flash drive has a micro-USB connector on one end and a USB connector on the other, making it the perfect device for moving files between your OTG-enabled smartphones and tablets and your PC, laptop or other computer. Let’s say that the dual flash drive is a bridge between mobile computing and PC computing.

dual flash drive

What Is OTG?

OTG is an abbreviation of USB On-The-Go. It is also often referred to as USB OTG. It is a technology that lets you plug in and use USB devices like USB flash drive, mouse, or keyboard with smartphones and other gadgets. So, an OTG-enabled smartphone can read a flash drive just like a PC does.

How To Use A Dual Flash Drive

You can use a dual flash drive with any standard PC by plugging the USB end into a USB port. To use it with a smartphone, however, the phone must be USB-OTG enabled. USB-OTG is the technical term for phones that can recognise a flash drive when it is plugged in. Not all smartphones have the feature.

dual flash drive plugged to phone

To use with a smartphone tablet, plug the micro-USB end into the appropriate slot on your phone. You should get a prompt in the notification centre showing you that a USB drive is plugged in, with the option to explore or eject it. Tap “Explore” and the file manager will be launched to show you the contents of the flash drive.

You can also directly launch the file manager and you will see the dual flash drive listed as an external USB storage.

Eject Safely!

Do not forget to safely eject the flash drive before unplugging it. On your phone, go to Settings – Storage, and tap the USB drive eject button. You see a message that says the drive has been safely ejected. Now, you can pull out the flash drive.

Alternative To Dual Flash Drives

An alternative to getting a dual flash drive is to get an OTG cable or OTG adapter. This lets you use any standard flash drive with your OTG-enabled smartphone. USB OTG cables and adapters come in all shapes and sizes. Here is an example of one:

USB OTG cable

If your smartphone and PC both have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct, you can also move files between them that way.

Share Your Files

Now, you can easily share files and documents between your PC and smartphone with a dual flash drive or with any regular flash drive. The advantage of using a dual flash drive or regular flash drive with a cable is that you can actually keep the files on the dual flash drive and just plug it into whichever of the two devices you need to use it on per time.

Like all regular flash drives, dual flash drives come in various storage capacities. The price of each is dependent on the storage available and transfer speed. Get one that meets your specifications and discover a painless way to move files between your mobile and PC.

One comment

  1. Same applies to a USB mouse, keyboard, gamepad and even an external harddrive (though this required auxiliary power as my phone was not powerful enough to power my my 1TB HD, has to use an OTG cable with 3 ports(or cables) – microusb to phone and standard female for hard drive and male which went into my laptop USB port for aux power).

    Its interesting when one thinks of it this way – Android is a fully fledged OS adapted for touch input. You phone is a computer (or has all the necessary components of a computer – memory, storage, processor, input and output), which has primarily a touch interface.

    Breaks limitations on what you think you can use it for….

    PS, typed this using a wireless mouse on my umi rome android phone with a cracked/damaged/nonfunctional screen.

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