How to Batch Uninstall All Bloatware Kinds on Android Smartphones

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The last issue anyone wants to deal with when purchasing a new phone is a boatload of pre-installed applications. They not only fill your home screen with useless programs, but they also take up internal storage space and could lead to faster battery drain.

You’ll need to uninstall such apps, but even with root access, it could still be challenging to identify all the apps that need to be uninstalled. It could also be quite a chore to find all the useless apps in all the places they could be hiding.

How to Batch Uninstall All Bloatware Kinds on Android Smartphones

Fortunately, a new Magisk module allows you an easy way to get rid of any software you feel is unnecessary, independent of the partition they are stored on. In this article, you’ll learn how to take advantage of Magisk to uninstall all kinds of bloatware on your device, no matter where they are located on your Android device.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is a tool similar to SuperSU that can be used to acquire root access on your Android device, but it may be used for other purposes as well. It is a portal that makes it possible to modify your Android phone in a variety of ways. You can install a variety of Magisk Modules on your phone for various uses.

There are components for theming, ad blocking, activating Camera2API, and many other system-level changes you wouldn’t be able to make otherwise. You can also try out Magisk if you’re a power user who wants to increase the usefulness of your phone and push it to its limits.

How Do I Uninstall Bloatware with Magisk?

The following crucial steps will help you uninstall all kinds of bloatware on your Android smartphone:

  • Step 1: Install the debloater module first. To achieve this, launch the Magisk Manager app, and select “Downloads” from the menu that appears on the left. When you enter “debloater” in the search field after tapping the search symbol in the top right, the necessary module will appear. Then select “Install” after tapping the download arrow. When it is finished, select “Close” from the menu in the bottom left.
  • Step 2: The next step is to set up the BusyBox Module. The BusyBox root command set is used specifically by the Debloater module. You must therefore download a separate module in order for the app to operate completely.

Similar to the previous step, locate the module in Magisk Manager’s “Downloads” section by doing a search for “busybox,” then follow the same steps to download and install it. When the installation is complete, hit the “Reboot” option in the bottom-right corner to reboot your device and begin removing the unwanted software.

To launch the Debloater Magisk module, BusyBox is a series of root commands required in the terminal environment. BusyBox will be helpful moving forward and in the future, if you intend to employ other command line Magisk modules.

  • Step 3: You’ll need to install the Terminal App next. Your device may already have a terminal program installed by default via the developer settings, depending on what kind it is. However, downloading the Termux app from the Google Play Store would be the method that would work on all devices. No other program is as frequently suggested as Termux when it comes to such command-line scenarios.
  • Step 4: At this point, it’s time to run the commands. Enter the command “su” on the main screen of the Termux app after launching it. When prompted, select “Grant” from the root access window to give the terminal program the necessary superuser privileges.

Enter the following command after the superuser permissions have been granted: “debloat.” The interface of the Debloat Magisk module will be launched instantly by this command, allowing you to start purging your system of bloatware.

  • Step 5: The main part is now here – being able to review all the bloatware on your system at once and remove whatever you don’t want. You can choose from a variety of alternatives on the Debloater module’s main menu, but for the time being, you should concentrate on option 1. To search your smartphone for all of the system-installed apps, type “1” and press enter.

You’ll be shown a comprehensive list of all the system applications installed on your internal storage after the scan is complete. Scan the list carefully and type the correct number to remove any software you desire. Type each number, but ensure there’s a space between each one if you want to batch remove several programs at once.

The app listing will appear with some information when you make your selection and press enter, followed by a confirmation input. If everything seems good, press “y” to start permanently removing the bloatware from your computer. When it asks if you want to go back to the menu once you are finished and there are no changes left to be made, enter “n.”

  • Repeat this procedure, but pick “3” from the main menu to choose Vendor Apps to remove OEM or carrier bloat. Depending on your device, this section may have some of the more annoying bloatware even if it should not have as many programs in it.

Choose “System Priv-Apps,” which should be option 2 on the main menu of the Debloater, if you wish to remove bloatware at a deeper level from your system. Just take care, as these apps tend to be more sensitive and may cause problems if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

  • Step 6: Rebooting your smartphone is the last step you need to take. You’ll now find that all of the programs you removed using the Debloater module are gone after a reboot.

In summary, the debloater module of the Magisk tool is a great way to uninstall all kinds of bloatware on your Android smartphone. Just follow all the instructions we’ve provided to guide you through the process.

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