How to Uninstall Apps on Android Phones

It’s natural to wonder how to uninstall apps on Android, especially if some of the ones you’ve downloaded are no longer required or are no longer useful to you. The good news is that deleting apps from your device is extremely simple. In this post, we will go over the best methods for doing so. You can uninstall WhatsApp or any other app, causing it to be permanently removed from your phone. Continue reading to learn how to do this.

It is very simple to uninstall an app on Android. Here are the best ways to uninstall apps from your Android smartphone.

Simple and Easy Steps to Uninstall Apps on Android Phones

Uninstalling Apps from the Home Screen

The first method we recommend is removing applications from the home screen. This is the quickest method for removing an app from Android.
You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Tap the app icon you want to remove.
  2. Long press until the icon moves away from its current location.
  3. In a pop-up window, depending on your mobile model, you will see either “Remove” or “Uninstall.”
  4. Drag the app icon to the corresponding button or click on it.
  5. To complete the uninstall, follow the steps in the wizard.

When the Uninstall property does not appear, it means the application is built-in and cannot be deleted in the this manner.

Android Apps Through Settings

Alternatively, the system uninstaller included in the phone settings is always available. True, it takes a few more steps, but it is effective.
To learn how to uninstall an app from system preferences, carefully follow these steps:

i. Navigate to the settings menu.
ii. Navigate to the Applications section.
iii. If not all of the X apps are displayed, tap the See all X apps button.
iv. Locate the application you want to delete in the list of all software installed on your mobile.
v. Click on it to open the file.
vi. To begin the process, click Uninstall.

Uninstalling Apps from the App Icons

There is a quick way to get to the application’s properties section. Simply follow these steps to uninstall any app from the icon:
i. Long press the app’s icon.
ii. Tap App info or the I in a circle in the context menu. A new window will be launched.
iii. To remove the program from your device, select Uninstall.

Uninstalling Apps from the Play Store

Remember that the Google Play Store isn’t just for downloading software. In reality, the store serves as a full-fledged application manager. Its capabilities include the ability to uninstall applications.
These are the steps to uninstall apps from the Google Play Store.

i. Launch the Play Store.
ii. Find the installed application you want to remove using a search engine.
iii. Tap Uninstall when you’re on the tab.

Remember that if the Install button appears, it means that the application has not been installed on the mobile device. Perhaps you already deleted it.

Deleting Multiple Apps at Once

Android does not allow you to remove multiple apps at once. However, a tool called Batch Uninstaller makes it possible. It is free and can be found in the playstore.
Once you’ve downloaded it to your device, do the following:
i. Select several entries from the list of applications by checking the side boxes.
ii. Tap the trash can icon in the upper right corner.
iii. To delete the apps you’ve selected, and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to Make an App Disappear Without Deleting It

Several applications, including YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp, tend to bombard the user with notifications. As a result, you may may not want to remove them entirely, but you do want to reduce their presence on your device.
In this regard, we offer three suggestions:

  1. Disabling Notifications.
    In the Notifications section of the phone settings, you can set a number of parameters to prevent applications from launching notifications.
  2. Removing the App Icon from the Home Screen
    Another method for limiting an application’s use and making it disappear without uninstalling is to remove its icon from the start menu. Simply drag its icon to the top of most terminals.
  3. Freezing the App
    Some manufacturers allow software to be frozen in a few simple steps. The same thing happens with some launchers, such as Nova Launcher.
    With these steps, you can make an application less visible without completely erasing it.

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