How to Clone Apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones

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If you’ve ever felt the need to have two copies of one app on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, this guide is for you. You can conveniently have two different versions of any Android app on your Galaxy phone thanks to a smart security feature that Samsung has integrated into One UI. There are also additional Samsung tools that are built-in to enable you clone apps on your Samsung mobile device.

In this article, we’ll show you two quick ways to clone apps on Samsung phones, but the best one to employ will depend on the apps you want to clone.

How to Clone Apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Why Do I Need To Clone An App?

There are a number of possible reasons to clone apps on your Samsung. The most common example is when you have multiple accounts on the same app for personal and business purposes and need to use them on the same device.

Under normal circumstances, you can use two or more different accounts simultaneously in some mobile apps thanks to built-in account switching. However, there are some Android apps that don’t allow for account switching, so what would you do in this case?

On a computer, switching between multiple Facebook accounts is typically simple, but not so with the mobile app. This means you may need to clone the app in question in order to switch between accounts easily.

How Do I Clone Apps on Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets?

Below, we have described two methods you can employ to clone apps on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Use the Dual Messenger Feature

You can duplicate several social media apps to use two distinct accounts simultaneously thanks to Dual Messenger, a function that is only available on Galaxy models with dual SIM slots. If you have different accounts for your job, studies, family, and your public persona, it’s a terrific choice. Also, since dual-SIM smartphones can have two numbers, it’s ideal for applications like WhatsApp that need an on-device phone number to function.

Even though there’s no official list of the specific apps it supports, all of the following chat apps have been found to work with Dual Messenger:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • KakaoTalk
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • WeChat
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Snapchat

Make sure the app is installed on your smartphone before attempting to copy it. Next, open the Settings app and select Dual Messenger under Advanced features. There will be a list of all the apps you can clone. To duplicate an app, tap it.

When prompted with a confirmation, click “Install.” You must read and accept the disclaimer if this is your first time using Dual Messenger; select “Confirm.” The next question should be whether you want to use a different contact list for the duplicated app if this is the first app you are copying.

You might choose to toggle the switch on and choose only work or school contacts if your app copies are used for only work, school, or other purposes that are separate from your personal life.

The contacts you separate off for a duplicated app will apply to all copied applications because your contacts settings are shared by all Dual Messenger apps. At the bottom of the Dual Messenger settings screen, you may alter the contacts for Dual Messenger clones and enable or stop the feature.

More apps can be copied by tapping their names in the Dual Messenger settings and choosing “Install” when prompted.

Your new app clones can be found on your Apps panel and moved to your Home screen just like other apps. Cloned apps can be distinguished from the originals by their dual-circle Dual Messenger icon.

The clones can also be removed just like any other program if you choose to. Simply long-press the icon on the Home or Apps screens and select “Uninstall.” Additionally, you can select “Uninstall” by clicking on the app in the Dual Messenger settings.

Make sure your dual-SIM Galaxy phone is running the most recent software if you want to use Dual Messenger. Dual Messenger is compatible with all of the devices listed below, but it might also function with other dual-SIM phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer devices
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro and newer devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and newer devices
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) and newer devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and newer devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and newer devices

Use the Secure Folder Feature

You can use the Secure Folder function, another built-in Galaxy feature, if you don’t want to duplicate one of the social/chat apps mentioned above. You can install copies of any program on your phone inside of this sandboxed environment, which is housed in a folder on your Apps screen. Additionally, it is helpful for locking apps away.

You must set up a PIN, pattern, or passcode to unlock Secure Folder since it leverages Samsung’s defense-grade Knox security framework to protect the isolated folder. Secure Folder can also be unlocked using biometrics like iris locks and fingerprints.

You can install duplicates of apps within the vault if Secure Folder is enabled on your Galaxy smartphone. Choose the apps you’d like to duplicate by tapping the addition (+) icon in the folder, then click “Add.”

You could also install duplicates from the Play Store or Galaxy Store even though it is quicker to choose the apps from the list and “Add” them. Install the apps you want by tapping one of the options on the “Add apps” menu.

If you simply want to install programs in your Secure Folder and not make a copy outside of the folder, this method is more practical. You can install the identical program from the Galaxy Store or Play Store outside of the sandboxed area if you ever require a duplicate.

In order to distinguish them from the other copy, cloned apps inside Secure Folder will be tagged with the Secure Folder icon in the app switcher.

The following devices support Secure Folder, and it is compatible with the majority of Samsung smartphones running Android N (7.0) or later devices. Install Secure Folder from the Galaxy Store or Play Store if you don’t see it already on your device.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and later devices
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro and later devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and later devices
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) and later devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and later devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and later devices

The simplest and most secure ways to copy apps onto a Samsung Galaxy smartphone are the two techniques we’ve described above. Keep in mind that App Hider, Parallel Space, as well as other third-party cloning apps, are still accessible on Google Play as alternatives. Getting the most out of most of those, though, will cost money.

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