The Best 10 Apps to Meet People All Over the World

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We are social beings by nature. We need to be connected and share our emotions, concerns, and way of life with others. The rise of social networks has demonstrated that we increasingly need to maintain contact with others at a time when obligations limit our ability to socialize.

Perhaps due to a lack of time to meet new people, or because our social phobia vanishes behind a screen.  However, the reality is that numerous applications have recently gained popularity that connect us with strangers and those who share our interests.

The Best 10 Apps to Meet People All Over the World

In this article, we will present a number of applications that will allow you to meet people from all over the world and share interests and friendship with them.

  1. Meet Up

 Nowadays, almost everyone has a dating app on their phone, such as Tinder or Lovoo. If you’re not looking for a relationship — or a bedtime affair — Meetup may be a good alternative.

What’s the problem? According to the app’s description, the goal is to bring people together who share similar interests. Sounds promising, especially if you’re looking to join a group. Unfortunately, organizing an event on your own is expensive. In addition, there are recreational activities, from wellness to trips into nature.

  1. Couchsurfing Hangouts

Yes, Couchsurfing is an app that allows you to find – or even offer – a place to sleep in another city.Wi thin the standard Couchsurfing app, there is a very useful feature that allows you to easily arrange to meet people: the Hangout category.

  It’s similar to the Meetup app in that it’s all about meeting new people who share your interests. Everything is available, from hiking to drinking coffee. The benefit is that you can also create events for free here. 

On the other hand, the app’s advertisements are completely irrational. The fact that the paid version of the app is constantly being promoted is another annoying aspect of it.

  1. Spontacts

This is a Spanish app. If you’re an athlete and enjoy connecting with others through sports. Then, the Spontacts app is designed for you.

After registering, you have a variety of sports to select from. Additionally, there are categories for anyone who enjoys being active while also wanting to help others or see something. The advantage is that the app looks for you in your immediate area and updates you about the surrounding information.

  1. FriendsUp

 According to its description, FriendsUp is “the girls community dedicated to women.”

With this app, it’s possible for girls to meet new people, whether it be for sports, outings, or even just a cup of coffee. Actually, everything functions similarly to Tinder: If someone seems like a good fit, swipe to the right and say “Cheers.” Anyone who gets such a “Cheers” can write the other person after that.

  1. MeetMe

 This app is best suited for users who either know what they want or don’t. Because, Users have the option to describe their search criteria in their profile here.  MeetMe is a free app that can be used for a variety of purposes.

  1. Facebook 

You’re probably thinking, “Hmm?” However, there are Facebook groups where people gather in many cities to carry out joint activities. Have you relocated for work or school in another city? On Facebook, groups related to your school, degree program, etc. are frequently found. New contacts can be made here as well!

  1. WeChat

You should give the WeChat app a try if you want to meet new people. You must include details about your personality, lifestyle, and political and social views in your profile. The app then connects you with other users who share your viewpoints.

  1. Bumble Bff

 It began as a dating app where women were expected to initiate contact. But the BFF feature is now available as well. This acronym means “Best Friend Forever.” Users can upload pictures of themselves, share their interests with the world, and thus find other people who share their interests.

  1. Unblnd 

 Unblnd works with interest groups. Like-minded individuals are connected in groups based on shared interests and hobbies. You can then make your profile visible in these and collaborate with others. Additionally, you can establish subgroups within these groups to form additional smaller interest groups and develop even closer ties. This app’s unique feature is that no profile pictures are displayed. Due to the app’s desire to highlight shared interests, friendships are primarily based on personality rather than appearance.

10. Badoo 

A popular social network for chatting, meeting, and sharing interests with others is called Badoo. A community with more than 494 million members where all you need to do is enter your profile and specify the kind of people you’re looking for.

In the community, the platform continuously ensures respect and safety. They have strict usage guidelines and do not tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind. You can select to only communicate with other verified profiles after completing the three-step verification process.

Badoo Superpowers is one of the platform’s additional premium features that you can buy separately. They enable you to show up as a featured result in searches, increasing your visibility to other people.

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