Why Is Your iPhone Slower On WiFi Than Your Laptop Or Android Phone?

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If you did not experience it, you probably would never believe it. For all of the hype around the iPhone, millions of users around the world are wondering why their iPhone is slower on WiFi while their laptops and Android smartphones are blazing fast on the same WiFi network. But you have experienced it, which is why you are reading this article. Why is your iPhone slower on WiFi than your laptop and Android phone?

First, let me assure you that I conducted measured tests to verify that this phenomenon is actually happening. I took an up-to-date iPhone SE 2022, with the most powerful mobile processor in the market today, and pitched it against a lowly mid-range Android phone with a lowly Helio P70 processor, the Unihertz Titan Slim. This Android phone is not a flagship device. It isn’t even close. But it gets much faster speeds on the same WiFi network as the iPhone SE 2022. How much faster? As much as three times faster.

Why Is Your iPhone Slower On WiFi Than Your Laptop Or Android Phone?
Why Is Your iPhone Slower On WiFi?

In the latest speed test that I ran, the iPhone scored 2.76 Mbps download, while the Android phone scored 8.00 Mbps. But it isn’t about speed tests alone. What led me to begin to investigate this matter and run comparison speed tests was that anytime I use the iPhone on WiFi, I find that web pages load slower, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks load slower, and it takes a while before any media load in all apps on the phone. This was not happening on the Android phone. So, I began to measure things. I used the same speed test app every time.

What I Found Out: Situations In Which The iPhone Is Slower On WiFi

I found out that when using the iPhone within two to three metres of the router, and without any obstructing wall between them, it performed as expected – everything loads fast and speed test results are at par with the Android phone’s. But once I move to another room and there is a wall between the router and the devices, the iPhone slows down considerably to about one third or one fourth of the speeds that other devices are getting.

While the iPhone becomes slow, laptops and Android phones run as fast as ever, even with a wall or two obstructing. Only the iPhone slows down. All other devices have no such issue and produce sterling speed test results. Interesting; right?

What Help Articles Say About How To Boost WiFi Signal On iPhone 

I have read help articles that recommend restarting the iPhone to fix the issue. I did that, and nothing changed. Another recommended fix is to forget the WiFi network and reconnect. I did that and nothing changed. I restarted the iPhone multiple times; zilch. Another recommendation was that I perform a network reset of the iPhone. I did, and it didn’t change anything. Not one of the recommended fixes sorted it out. I also restarted the router; nada.

Once there is a wall (cement/concrete) between the iPhone SE 2022 and the WiFi router, browsing slows down significantly – enough to force me to switch to mobile data oftentimes. This problem is not that of a particular iPhone model. So, it isn’t restricted to the SE 2022. Users of iPhone 12 models, iPhone 13 models, and other Phone models are out there looking for how to speed up their iPhone on WiFi. It is ridiculous, considering that these devices cost an arm and a leg.

Oh! A few articles say that using a thick case on the iPhone could also be responsible. Well, I took off the case on this one and it didn’t change anything. It does not appear that there is a universal solution (or any solution at all to iPhone being slow on WiFi). There is only one thing you can do.

What You Can Do To Speed Up iPhone on WiFi Network

Stay within line of sight of the phone. Avoid thick walls between the device and the router, and you will enjoy blazing fast Internet speeds. That is the only thing that works in my own case. Nothing else does. It is such an experience, considering the cost of iDevices.

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