The Best Door Peephole Cameras for Apartments: Our Top 3 Picks

Door peephole cameras are becoming more and more popular as home security demand increases. There are so many different camera options out there that choosing between them can be difficult. Many people prefer a door camera than manually checking the peephole when there is an unexpected ring on the door bell. 

Which is the best door peephole camera for an apartment?
Which is the best door peephole camera for an apartment?

Using a peephole poses a couple of problems. Perhaps you don’t want the person who is outside your door to know you are there, or maybe you simply can’t get a clear view using the peephole. So, if you want to upgrade your home security system, a video doorbell or peephole security camera is an easy way to do so.

Why is home security essential?

Wondering if it is a good idea to get a door bell or not? Well, here is an in depth look into the reason why doorbells are so important.

How do door peephole cameras work?

These cameras are very simple to use, and the easy installation means you can set it up at your front door right away. They often feature motion sensors, so you can instantly be alerted whenever someone is near the door, whether or not they ring the doorbell. In some cases, the camera is connected to your smartphone, PC, or tablet, so you can receive the alerts even when you’re not home.

You can even talk to the visitor with a live video and audio feed. So, they are great for keeping your home safe and secure so you don’t have to worry when you’re out at work, or even away on vacation. Other models only have an LCD screen on the inside of the door, so you can see who is there but you still have to stand near the door in order to see the screen.

Considerations Choosing a door peephole camera

With so many different options on offer, choosing between them can be a bit difficult. The first thing you might like to think about is if it is easy to install, so you can start using it right away without a frustrating setup process. Also, check the battery life is sufficient, and that it can easily be recharged.

The video quality could also be an important consideration – look for HD video if you want the very best quality from the available peephole cameras. The field of view is the final thing to think about. A wider viewing angle will allow you to see more around your door, so choose carefully in order to get what you need.

Top 3 Door Peephole Cameras for Apartments

1. Brinno SHC500

The first front door peephole camera we have chosen is the Brinno SHC500. It has a very impressive battery life of up to six months or enough for it to be triggered around 3000 times. The wireless peephole cam is mounted simply to the existing peephole, without the need for any fancy tools or wires. It’s also theft-proof.

Brinmo peephole camera

The Brinno camera has a small LCD display to check who’s at the door, but it’s also possible to capture snapshots of the visitors at the touch of a button and review this footage on a bigger screen. It can be saved to a Micro SD card in the camera, which is not included.  The digital door viewer has a viewing angle of 90 degrees and offers excellent image quality so long as the door doesn’t face direct sunlight.

The resolution on this camera is 480p, and it is excellent for apartments as it is installed in place of the existing peephole, without the need to change anything else.

2. Ring Peephole Cam

If you’re looking for the best door peephole camera with motion detection, how about this pick from Ring? It offers 1080p HD video quality and a wide-angle lens showing 155 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

peephole camera

There is a motion sensor that automatically notifies you when someone moves near the door or knocks on it. To receive these notifications, the camera can be connected to a smartphone, so it can be used to monitor the door even when you are away from home. The Ring camera can also be connected to Alexa to instantly start up the video feed with a voice command.

The Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell comes with a rechargeable battery pack which lasts for a very long time between charges. There’s also a two-way talk system so you can talk to the visitor before coming to the door. The simple installation process takes only minutes and it is possible to set up the motion-activated zones so they are in the best possible place for the layout of your doorway.

3. Brinno Duo SHC1000W

Finally, we have the Brinno Duo, which is a discreet digital door viewer with two camera modes and two ways to see the footage. In one mode, the camera is mounted in the peephole, like the other two models above. Or, it can be hidden near the front door for further motion detection. There is a screen that can be mounted inside the house to see who is outside the door, and live footage can also be sent to a phone.

Brinmo Duo peephole camera

It’s also possible to set up the two-way camera to send photos of door activity right to your phone, so you can always monitor it. Even without a smartphone, the camera works well with the clear image shown on the internal 2.7″ LCD screen. The included SD card can also be inserted to save a log of visitors for later review. Unfortunately, this digital peephole doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries. The process to install the camera is quick and easy, unlike some other security cameras on the market. It comes at the higher end of the price range, but it has some excellent features which make it a great pick nonetheless.

Which is the Overall Best Door Peephole Camera?

The best digital door viewer of all is the Ring model. It offers the widest, 155-degree lens and a two-way communication option so you can speak to the visitor without opening the door. It offers a high-quality video feed and flexibility to view footage anywhere from a mobile device.

Best Budget Door Peephole Camera for Apartments

If you are on a tighter budget, the Brinno SHC500 is a great pick. Whilst it doesn’t have 720p HD video recording, it has a very reasonable price tag and an excellent battery life of up to six months.

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