Best Phones for Kids that are Easy to Use

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Many children these days are asking their parents for a phone at increasingly earlier ages, but when it comes to finding the best phones for kids, it can be a bit of a minefield. Parents tend not to want to spend a small fortune on a kids smartphone, as they often end up lost or broken.  

Furthermore, many parents worry about problems that come with a smartphone, such as cyber bullying and unsafe behavior online. If you are considering buying your child their first phone, we have all the information you need before, as well as five great picks that are sure to appease both children and parents alike. 

Best Phones for Kids that are Easy to Use

How to Choose the Best Phone for Kids

With such a vast range of phones on the market, trying to find one suitable for children, both in terms of price and features, is no easy feat. So, the first factor to think about is price, not just of the phone itself but also of any monthly contract you will need to subscribe to. Also look out for capped data so you won’t get a nasty surprise when you find your child has gone way over their monthly allowance. The price of the phone is also worth considering, with many budget models offering sufficient features for younger users. 

Also think about what the phone will be used for by your child. Some offer excellent cameras which are ideal for those considering photography as a new hobby. Others have excellent speakers for young music lovers, whilst others still have large, clear displays which are ideal for watching movies on. If you are simply looking for a phone for your child to get in touch if they need a lift home from school, a more basic, non-smartphone will probably be sufficient. 

It might also be worth considering the battery life of the phone. Kids tend to run out of battery when they need their phone the most, so choosing a model with a battery life of at least a full day, even with heavy usage, is a great idea. 

Top 5 Cheap Best Phones for Kids

Let’s now take a look at five of the best options out there when it comes to finding a phone for your child. We have chosen a range of options from some of the biggest brands so there is sure to be something to suit. 

  1. Nokia 3310 3G

Kicking off our guide to the best cell phones for kids is the classic Nokia 3310, which has been redesigned to be compatible with 3G. It has all the beloved features of the original, such as a very long battery life and the classic Snake game, which is sure to entertain kids for hours. It could be the best non-smartphone as it comes in four lovely color schemes, and still features Bluetooth for connecting to other devices, and a camera for taking photos with friends. It also works like a smartphone in that the homescreen can be customized by rearranging the icons and choosing new color themes. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy A31

This Samsung smartphone for kids has a very powerful battery, so it’s ideal for those who are always leaving home without a charger! In fact, it lasts a very impressive 30 hours before a recharge will be necessary. Despite the fairly reasonable price tag, the A31 phone has some impressive features aside from the battery life. It has a stunning display, several different camera lenses, and can be recharged quickly. There is even a 20 megapixel front camera which is perfect for kids who love snapping selfies with their friends! The display extends right to either edge, offering a large screen for watching movies or gaming. 

  1. iPhone 6s 

Whilst a newer iPhone might be out of the question for most parents thanks to the very high price tag associated with these gadgets, the iPhone 6s could be the best first mobile phone for 11 year old children. If your child is asking for a phone, an iPhone is probably the one they want the most, and the 6s comes at a reasonable price point yet still offers many features they will love. It uses the iOS 13 operating system, and comes with a 12 megapixel camera which takes high-quality images and 4K video. It has a decent battery life compared to some other iPhones and also has a high-resolution display. For security, Touch ID is enabled on this phone so kids can unlock it using their fingerprint. 

  1. Moto G Power 

Whilst you won’t find any easy to use toddler phones on our list, the Moto G Power is a great first phone for slightly older children. It offers a very impressive 3-day battery life and an excellent 16-megapixel triple camera. This can be used for panoramas, portraits, and highly-detailed close-ups, so this is a great phone for little budding photographers! The dual stereo speakers offer excellent sound quality, so this is also the ideal choice for kids who have music on non-stop. Even for watching videos and movies the Moto G Power is perfect- the Full HD+ display measures 6.4” so you get great resolution and a large size. The 4GB RAM in this phone means it is fast and responsive, and it is also splash-resistant, which is no doubt a useful feature for kids! 

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Our final contender for the best smartphone for kids is from a lesser-known brand, Xiaomi. These phones use the Android operating system, so they will feel familiar to those who have used phones from more popular brands such as Samsung. The Redmi Note 9 features a large, 6.53” display and a powerful 5020mAh battery, which is compatible with fast charging. The camera on this phone has the highest resolution of all in our guide, with a massive 48MP. The front camera is also very good quality for snapping selfies, offering 13MP. This is an excellent first smartphone packed full of features and at a very decent price. 

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