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6 of the Best Ways to Get Instagram likes for Your Business

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get Instagram likes for your business
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Business has revolutionized over the years, and today the same thing you did a decade ago won’t give you any value. Business is now on social media, and without a solid presence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, you stand no chance of winning big.

But even though social media is an essential component for the success of any business, just having an account is not enough. People need to be interested in what you have. This way, the search engine bots will rank your profile and content higher than others. But how do you get critical signals that can help you win? This post provides a deeper look into how to get Instagram likes for your business.

1. The frequency of posting and timing are key

Posting on Instagram is not like on Facebook and other platforms. You need to understand the best time to post if you are to get the best results for your hard work. For you to succeed, you need to determine the time you will be posting and stick to it.

The time you choose for posting needs to be optimal, one that can bring good results. Such times are when most of your target audience is online since they are likely to see your posts. There are many applications that can help you schedule your posts, and they will appear on your timeline as you have scheduled.
At the same time, your frequency of posting matters. You need to understand the number of times that your posts should appear on your timeline. Note that those accounts hat post quality posts regularly tend to have more likes and followers.

2. Understand the hashtags to use

The use of relevant hashtags plays a critical role in bringing some meaningful engagements to your profile. Usually, every time you post, you will see some form of engagements. These can be likes, followers, comments, or even shares. But then these alone aren’t enough; you have to go a step further to reach the potential users who aren’t following you yet.

get Instagram likes for your business

The best way to reach out to Instagram users who aren’t following you and get like is by using relevant hashtags. Knowing how to use the best Instagram hashtags will go a long way in ensuring that you get as many likes, comments, and followers as possible.

3. Only post quality images

Instagram dimensions are 612 x 612. These are somehow difficult to fit when you are taking pictures to post. But you don’t always have to use images using the Instagram dimensions. Once you have taken your images to post, you can crop them and still achieve the same results.

Remember that Instagram is a visual platform, where people are most attracted to what they see and not what they read. To get people to like your posts, you have to ensure that they first like what you are posting. At no given time should you post images that are of low-quality, which people can easily ignore? Remember that when you post very good images, then your followers can share them. This way, the images can reach to people who aren’t following you, and thus like them.

4. Try buying Instagram likes

While this is not always a conventional practice, buying Instagram likes isn’t a new phenomenon. Many users have invested heavily in buying likes for their posts. The logic is that once your posts have many likes, then it creates interest in other users, who will like it as well.

And buying Instagram likes should be any expensive. You can buy 100 likes for Instagram from qualified vendors and benefit a lot from it.

5. Utilize viral content

Why do people visit social media platforms? Or why would one create an account on any social media platform? Well, it is just to be entertained. To get followers and likes, you need to share content that is entertaining. You have to invest time and find content that is trending. Such content is easily shareable, as many people find it interesting.

But how do you even get viral content?

Places such as Pinterest, Post Planner, and google are always a good place to start with. You can as well find good trending content on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram itself and share.

6. Geotag your location

Geotagging your location is an incredible way to get more people liking your photos. This works best since geotagging focuses on people from a particular place who might be your target audience. This trick will help you build a sense of community with the local people, especially if your business deals with physical products.


Getting Instagram likes can be hard, but it not all impossible. With the right strategy, you can get as many likes for your photos and posts as possible. The tricks explained in this post will give you a strong starting point for you to get likes on your Instagram profile.

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