How To Stop Random Ads Popping Up On Android Phones

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Everyone enjoys surfing the internet every now and then, so it’s always a good idea to optimize the browsing experience. Unfortunately, ads are one of those things that have the potential to ruin your smartphone browsing experience, and they often show up as random ads popping up on your phone. 

This is especially when these ads pop up unexpectedly or show up as obtrusive banners that virtually fill your entire screen. Even worse, some advertisements appear as incredibly loud videos that may also disturb other people nearby.

stop Random Ads popping up on Android

Thankfully, it’s possible to block or stop random ads popping up while browsing on Android smartphones. So, if you’re truly fed up with annoying intrusions and would like to optimize your browsing experience by blocking random pop-ups, pay close attention to the instructions and helpful tips in this guide.

How Can I Block Random Ads While Browsing on my Android?

Google seems just as fed up with intrusive ads as its users, so it has built its own ad blocker and integrated it into the Chrome browser for Android smartphones. Google’s ad-blocking functionality follows the guidelines included in the Coalition for Better Adverts, which is more of a compromise than conventional techniques that completely stop ads. 

As such, you can expect that pop-up ads, huge banners, animated commercials, big sticky ads, and other forms of advertising are among the intrusive ads that Google’s ad blocker will prevent from disrupting your browsing experience.

Keep in mind,  however, this capability isn’t available in Chrome for iOS since the iPhone uses WebKit, a component of Safari, as the foundation for all browsers. However, we’ll be happy to demonstrate how this ad-blocking function works below for Android smartphone users.

Turning on Google Chrome’s Ad-blocking Feature

If you’re experiencing intrusive advertisements when you browse on your Android smartphone, you should check to see if Chrome’s pop-up and ad-blocking capabilities have been turned off. To do this, touch on the three-dot button above the address bar, then choose “Settings” from the list of options that displays. Tap “Site settings” once you’re on the Settings page.

First, you’ll want to turn off pop-up adverts, so choose “Pop-ups” and click the toggle to activate Chrome’s blocking feature on the following page. Ensure that the switch is turned off and gray in color. By using the back button on your device, return to “Site settings,” where the “Pop-ups” tab should read “Blocked.”

The next step is to prevent additional annoying advertising from showing, so click “Ads” in the “Site settings” menu and follow the same steps as described above for blocking pop-ups. When you return to “Site options,” it will now show “Blocked from some sites” directly under the “Ads” menu.

Remember that Chrome’s ad-blocking functionality is more of a band-aid and won’t stop all advertisements from displaying on the websites you visit. Small banner advertisements will thus continue to appear as usual. Therefore, when you are browsing, popups, big adverts, and loud video ads won’t annoy you like before.

What Alternatives are Available for Blocking Intrusive, Random Ads Popping Up On Your Phone?

Of course, there are a ton of alternatives available if you’d like to completely remove adverts, which can make browsing the internet much more convenient. For instance, Samsung Internet enables you to apply an extension that fully prevents advertisements from displaying on your browser.

This extension is called Content blocker, and its integration is one of Samsung Internet’s strongest features. You’ll feel quite at home here if your computer has an ad blocker of any kind. Choose any or all of the suggested ad blockers Samsung provides for you to use, and then download them from the Play Store.

Return to the Extensions menu to open the Content blockers window after downloading the content blocker or blockers of your choice. Here, you can do as you wish; you can turn on up to five content blockers at once to optimize browsing on your Samsung device.

In summary, you don’t have to endure the intrusion of random ads popping up on your phone any longer, just optimize your browsing by blocking these ads. Follow the instructions we’ve provided for you in this guide and you should be able to get this done easily.

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