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What is a Bothie Camera: How to get and use it

bothie dual-sight view on nokia 8 brone
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What is a bothie camera? A bothie camera is a feature that allows you to take a photo or video using both the front and back cameras of your smartphone at the same time. This way, you can capture yourself and what you are seeing in one image. A bothie camera can be fun and creative, especially when you want to share your experiences with others.

The term was first used by HMD Global, manufacturer of Android Nokia phones, when they launched the Nokia 8 in 2017. In addition to the Nokia 8, HMD Global quicly followed up by including bothie mode in the built-in camera app of the Nokia 7 as well, also launched in 2017.

bothie dual-sight view on nokia 8 brone

Other Smartphone Brands That Have A Bothie Camera

While HMD Global and Nokia first introduced the term, they do not talk a lot about it much any more. But they are not the only ones including it in their smartphones. Some other smartphone manufacturers have embraced the concept.

For example, Samsung has a similar feature. Other smartphone brands that toe the line includes LG and OPPO.

Samsung Mobile calls their bothie feature Dual Shot. LG calls it dual camera mode. OPPO Mobile introduced dual-view video, which is a split-view video using both the front and rear cameras of the phone.

Note that this dual-sight view feature is not available on all phone models from these manufacturers. So, what do you do if your smartphone does not have it built in but you want it?

bothie camera dual-sight view on nokia 8

How Bothie Camera Mode Works

As already mentioned, bothie camera works by using the front and rear cameras simultaneously and presents both views in a split-view on the smartphone.

How To Get Bothie Mode On Your Smartphone

.If your smartphone camera does not have a bothie mode or dual-view photo or video mode but you want the feature, you can download a 3rd party app to add the functionality.

There are quite a number of them available in the app store. Some, like Dual Camera for Android, work only with Snapdragon processor phones. Even the ones that work often have some quirks. For example, when you launc FrontBack Camera app for Android, you get a split screen but only one view is active at a time and you have to shoot with one camera first before the other, after which the app presents you your Bothie or dual-sight photo.

It is not as elegant as what comes built-in on select phones, but it works. You can  give it a try by downloading it HERE. Check for others in the app store.

Other Bothie camera or dual-sight view camera apps get developed and released from time to time, so do check in your app store.

One thing is clear, Bothie or Dual-Sight Mode photography and video recording is fun and a great way to showcase your enviroment while staying in the picture, literally.

How to take a bothie ok your smartphone

If your phone does not have a bothie camera feature, you can try using some apps that can mimic this effect. For example, FrontBack is an app that lets you take a photo with the front and back cameras and combine them in a single picture. Another app is Split Camera, which lets you split the screen and use both cameras at the same time.

To take a bothie with your phone, follow these steps:

  • Open the camera app on your phone and look for the dual camera mode or the bothie camera feature. If you have a Nokia phone, tap the icon that resembles a person in a white square and select Dual. If you have another phone, look for a similar option in the camera settings.
  • Adjust the camera settings according to your preference. You can change the aspect ratio, the resolution, the flash, and other options. You can also swap the sides of the front and back cameras by tapping the swap icon.
  • Find the perfect angle for your bothie. You can use a selfie stick, a tripod, or a friend to help you hold the phone. Make sure that both cameras are capturing what you want to show in your bothie. You can also use the timer or the voice control to take the photo without touching the phone.
  • Capture the bothie by pressing the shutter button or saying the voice command. You can also record a video with both cameras if you want to.
  • Share and enjoy your bothie. You can edit your bothie with some filters, stickers, or text. You can also share it with your friends on social media or send it to them via messaging apps. You can also go live with your bothie and stream it to your followers on social media.

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