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Common iPhone 12 Pro Problems And Solutions

Common iPhone 12 Pro issues and their fixes, Apple iPhone 12 Pro grey
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The iPhone 12 Pro launched in November of 2020, alongside the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, bringing a slew of features and specifications with it. All three devices are wonderful devices, each bringing something different to the table. 

However, in this guide, we aim to look at the iPhone 12 Pro more intently, showing some of the challenges users have faced in the first couple of months and how to solve them.

  • High Standby Battery Drain: One of the common iPhone 12 Pro issues that its users have battled with, this problem has plagued quite a number of users, as certain users have reported their device draining by as much as 20% in about 8 to 10 hours when idle. Some have also reported that this problem persists even when the device is turned on airplane mode, making users even more perplexed.

While you can follow some of the traditional tips that can help you conserve your battery like reducing display brightness and clearing background apps, this issue points to an underlying bug in the OS, meaning that you may only get a solution to this when you update your device to a newer/updated OS.

Common iPhone 12 Pro issues and their fixes, Apple iPhone 12 Pro grey
  • Greenish tint on display: A number of owners of the iPhone 12 Pro have reported a greenish hue on their devices. This tint could be due to a hardware or software issue, if it is a software problem (which is the more likely cause), it is best you update your device to the newest available OS. If you do this and this problem persists, it may just be a hardware issue and you will need to see a technician or visit the nearest Apple Store.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues: Another one in the list of common iPhone 12 Pro issues, this challenge seems to be a recurring decimal in iPhones, as a number of users have reported this issue. Here, their devices refuse to pair with other devices and vice versa. This bug looks very much like a software bug, and you can temporarily fix this by restarting your device, as toggling the Bluetooth does not seem particularly effective. When your device restarts, you can try reconnecting both devices again.

Also, you can search for updates on your device, as newer updates may provide a permanent fix for this bug.

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  • 4G/5G Connectivity Issues: Another particularly disruptive issue, users of the iPhone 12 Pro have reported that some units of this smartphone experience difficulty with the network connectivity. Some users have noticed that their smartphones will drop the 4G or 5G network and then refuse to reconnect to the network automatically.

This issue, one of the common iPhone 12 Pro issues, mainly occurs when the user is on the move, as the device is trying to switch between towers for better connectivity. If this happens to you, you can simply toggle the airplane mode on and off, and then connect it to the mobile network again.

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