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Buying a Laptop: Comparing Value Versus Cost

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Although the tech environment has evolved through the years, laptops continue to be the focus of many people’s digital realities. At the same time,  purchasing or buying a laptop hasn’t necessarily gotten any easier. 

There are many different things to consider; keeping up with the constant evolution of a variety of product standards is difficult enough. More importantly, choosing which laptop would be the most ideal match for your budget could be difficult given the plethora of computers generally available in online stores.

Buying a Laptop

We created this guide with this in mind, to help you decide on the best device for you based on your needs and budget. This article will show you how much value to expect from laptop devices, based on the budget you have in mind for your laptop purchase.

How Much Should you Spend on Buying a Laptop?

There are various laptop categories, each designed with a certain purpose or target market in mind. First, you need to decide what you want to use your laptop for the most, then look for a category that fits your interests.

You typically don’t need to pay for far more than you need because with laptops in general, you get what you pay for. Here is a guide to help you understand what you may expect to get for your money.

Entry-Level Laptops (500$ or Less)

Although laptops might be pricey, producers are aware that not everyone can afford to buy a $2,000 device. Great laptops can be found for $500 or less for those who only require a laptop for the most fundamental tasks and wish to save money.

Budget laptops are typically the best option for those who don’t know a great deal about computers and only need a computer that can do basic functions. Despite their modest cost, they are well constructed and have touchpads and keyboards that are ergonomically sound.

These laptops often lack high-performance graphics and lots of RAM, making them less suitable for playing AAA games or running dozens of active browser tabs. They aren’t exactly unable to deliver good performance; rather, their capabilities are constrained when compared to more expensive versions.

Although there are alternatives for Windows laptops as well, Chromebooks excel in this area by forgoing some of the nicer features of macOS and Windows computers. A macOS laptop typically won’t be found for less than $500.

Mainstream Laptops (500$ to 1500$)

The most value for your money will be found in this price bracket, undoubtedly. These computers are very top-notch. The underlying hardware is far superior to what is available at entry-level prices, but it comes at the expense of luxury features, powerful graphics chips, and expensive materials.

There are many options available to you because this area is a top pick area for the industry. There are laptops with excellent displays, options with strong processors, options that are gorgeous, options that are portable and light, and options with long battery lives. Even though you might not get a device that checks off every single box, you’ll find that laptops that cost under $1,000 are some of the top choices. The entry-level MacBook Air M1 is also the least priced MacOS device you can buy under this cost bracket.

Premium Laptops (1000$ or more)

The computers in this range are among the best available right now. Longer battery life, better performance from more effective internal hardware, larger and higher-resolution displays, and better build quality all come with a premium price. This is the category of laptop you should prioritize buying if you’re more of a power user and can afford it.

There are still many options despite the premium laptop category’s exorbitant price. There are excellent 13-inch laptops available with lots of connectivity choices and general computing power. You should upgrade to a 15-inch laptop with a dedicated graphics card and an eight-core (or more) processor, especially if you’re buying a laptop for gaming or creating content.

Consider buying a fully outfitted MacBook Air M1 if you’re an Apple lover. There’s also the MacBook Pro, although it’s only for power users and creative pros and costs a lot.

The Best Time to Shop for a Laptop

When to shop for the best bargains on a new laptop is one of the most frequently asked questions. There isn’t exactly a strict way to secure an inexpensive yet reliable laptop. To discover a decent offer, you can simply time your purchasing window in a few different ways.

Back-to-School Season: In order to accommodate customers who need new computers for school, many retailers offer cheaper costs. Even if you are not a student returning to school, this is a fantastic purchasing period if you want to buy a more affordable device at a significant discount.

Few months after a big release: Usually, a company would reduce the cost of earlier models of laptops when it is getting ready to introduce a new one. This is a strategy used by both retailers and manufacturers to reduce inventory, creating both the physical space and customer demand for new products to be shown.

In truth, shopping for a new laptop can be quite a task and understandably, you’ll need all the help you can get. Pay attention to all the tips in this guide to help you get the best value for your money and end up with a dependable device. Also, remember to share this article so your friends and loved ones can also benefit from it.

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